„I used to think that my career was to be a police officer, and that is what I was put here to do. But I always kept the faith and always worked hard on my goals and I finally found out on Sept. 25, 1998, why I was put here - (God) called me here to be Mr. Olympia.“

Brenda Young (May 17, 2003) "Living his dream", The News-Star, p. 1C.

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Ronnie Coleman2
americký kulturista 1964

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„I put my faith in me, and do you know why? Because I have never lost!“

—  David Gemmell, kniha The King Beyond the Gate

Zdroj: Drenai series, The King Beyond the Gate, Ch. 18
Kontext: "We don't seem to be overflowing with luck." "You make your own. I put no faith in gods, Lake. Never have. If they exist, they care very little— if at all— about ordinary mortals. I put my faith in me, and do you know why? Because I have never lost!"

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Kirsten Gillibrand foto

„I was just a young lawyer thinking, What am I doing with my life? What am I doing with my career? As I watched [Hillary Clinton] on that stage I thought, Why aren’t I there? It was so poignant for me. And that’s what made me figure out how to get involved in politics.“

—  Kirsten Gillibrand United States Senator from New York 1966

Describing Hillary Clinton's influence on Gillibrand's entering politics
[The Reintroduction of Kirsten Gillibrand, Rodrick, Stephen, New York Magazine, New York Media Holdings, 2009-06-07, 2011-02-04, http://nymag.com/news/politics/57197/]

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„I pray every day and I think everybody should. I don't think you can be up here and look out the window as I did the first day and look out at the Earth from this vantage point. We're not so high compared to people who went to the moon and back. But to look out at this kind of creation out here and not believe in God is, to me, impossible. It just strengthens my faith.“

—  John Glenn American astronaut and politician 1921 - 2016

As quoted in Roger D. Launius. 2004. Frontiers of Space Exploration. Greenwood Publishing Group, p. 181. Interview: An American hero returns to space: John Glenn and the Sts-95 Shuttle Mission News Conference on Orbit (5 November 1998).

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Marissa Mayer foto

„I think that the big piece here is that it really allows us to partner. Yahoo! has always been a very friendly company.“

—  Marissa Mayer American business executive and engineer, former ceo of Yahoo! 1975

huffingtonpost.com http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/25/marissa-mayer-davos_n_2550753.html.

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„I think I can best do my work as a head of a family, as a nurturer, for the family, meaning a nurturer for Pittsburgh, and in that sense what we do here can be applicable in many places in the world.“

—  Teresa Heinz Kerry Portuguese–American businesswoman, widow of Sen. H. John Heinz III and wife of Secretary of State John Kerry 1938

Quoted in "Teresa Heinz: A Woman On A Mission," Harry Stoffer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (1993-11-07
Explanation on announcing she would not run for her late husband John Heinz's Senate seat.

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„Well I'm trying to think what I put in… I think I put in 'why?' to see if I'd confuse the computer.“

—  Karl Pilkington English television personality, social commentator, actor, author and former radio producer 1972

Xfm 09 November 2002
On Technology

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„I saw a rainbow earlier today
Lately those rainbows be comin' round like everyday
Deep in the struggle I have found the beauty of me
God is watchin' and the Devil finally let me be
Here in this moment to myself“

—  Macy Gray American singer-songwriter and actress 1967

"A Moment to Myself" (co-written with Jeremy Ruzumna, Miles Tackett. Mark Morales, and Damon Wimbley)
On How Life Is (1999)

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