„From Jewish terrorism against Arabs it is a short step to Jewish terrorism against Jews.“

"On three fronts" (3 August 1938) as quoted in * Rebirth and Destiny of Israel
Philosophical Library
New York.

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David Ben-Gurion18
izraelský politik, sionistický vůdce, ministerský předseda … 1886 - 1973

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Noam Chomsky foto

„Wanton killing of innocent civilians is terrorism, not a "war against terrorism."“

—  Noam Chomsky, kniha 9-11

9-11, 2001 https://web.archive.org/web/20061015103427/http://indymedia.org.nz/usermedia/application/2/9-11.pdf
Quotes 2000s, 2001

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„The labeling of products of the Jewish state by the European Union brings back dark memories. Europe should be ashamed of itself. It took an immoral decision. Of the hundreds of territorial conflicts around the world, it chose to single out Israel and Israel alone, while it's fighting with its back against the wall against the wave of terror.“

—  Benjamín Netanyahu Israeli prime minister 1949

As quoted in "EU: Products from West Bank and Golan cannot be labeled 'from Israel'" http://www.cnn.com/2015/11/11/europe/eu-labeling-israel-territories/ (11 November 2015), by Don Melvin and Oren Liebermann, CNN, State of Georgia: Cable News Network.
2010s, 2015

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„Specifically, in these days when brutal and murderous terrorism seeks to drive us apart, we must reiterate to ourselves – here, in the Knesset, in schools, in academia and in the halls of Torah study – that to be Jewish is democratic and democracy is Jewish. Only in this way can we know that brutal terrorism will not break us physically, or our spirit.“

—  Reuven Rivlin Israeli politician, 10th President of Israel 1939

This bill strikes at Israel’s heart http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/nov/27/bill-israel-judaism-democracy-president-israel-jewishness-reuven-rivlin, 27 November 2014

George W. Bush foto

„You are either with us or you are against us in the fight against terror.“

—  George W. Bush 43rd President of the United States 1946

Press conference http://georgewbush-whitehouse.archives.gov/news/releases/2001/11/20011106-4.html, with President Jacques Chirac of France. (November 6, 2001)
2000s, 2001

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Penn Jillette foto

„Atheism is the only real hope against terrorism.“

—  Penn Jillette American magician 1955

"Morality, Religion And Bullsh*T: An Interview With Penn Jillette" by Ryan Shaffer, at the American Humanist Association (December 2012) http://americanhumanist.org/HNN/details/2012-12-morality-religion-and-bullsht-an-interview-with-penn

Noam Chomsky foto

„The list of the states that have joined the coalition against terror“

—  Noam Chomsky american linguist, philosopher and activist 1928

Quotes 2000s, 2001, The New War Against Terror, 2001
Kontext: The list of the states that have joined the coalition against terror is quite impressive. They have a characteristic in common. They are certainly among the leading terrorist states in the world. And they happen to be led by the world champion.

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„We believe America is practicing all kinds of terrorism against Libya. Even the accusation that we are involved in terrorism is in itself an act of terrorism.“

—  Muammar Gaddafi Libyan revolutionary, politician and political theorist 1942 - 2011

Time (8 June 1981) " An Interview with Gaddafi http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,922551-2,00.html"

Adolf Hitler foto

„Germany is the bulwark of the West against Bolshevism, and, in combating it, will meet terror with terror and violence with violence.“

—  Adolf Hitler Führer and Reich Chancellor of Germany, Leader of the Nazi Party 1889 - 1945

Speech in Berlin (29 November 1935), quoted in The Times (26 September 1939), p. 9

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Narendra Modi foto

„What do you mean by communal? If I speak against the terrorism, is it communal?“

—  Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India 1950

2008, Speech, 14 January 2008

„We would fight against terrorism and win at any cost.“

—  Ameer Haider Khan Hoti politician in Pakistan 1971

Hoti's address to the media on Independence Day http://www.geo.tv/8-14-2009/47603.htm, Peshawar (2009-08-14).

Jorge Rafael Videla foto

„[I take] full military responsibility for the actions of the army in the war against terrorism.“

—  Jorge Rafael Videla Argentinian President 1925 - 2013

As quoted in anon (May 18, 2013) "Argentine 'Dirty War' leader Jorge Rafael Videla dies". ABC News.

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„The war against terrorism will not be finished as long as he [Saddam Hussein] is in power.“

—  Carl Levin American politician 1934

In an appearance on CNN (December 16, 2001)

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Osama bin Laden foto

„We say our terror against America is blessed terror in order to put an end to suppression, in order for the United States to stop its support to Israel.“

—  Osama bin Laden founder of al-Qaeda 1957 - 2011

Video statement broadcast on the Arabic-language Al-Jazeera TV station. (26 December 2001) http://edition.cnn.com/interactive/world/0302/timeline.bin.laden.audio/content.5.html.
2000s, 2002

„A "war against terrorism" is an impracticable conception if it means fighting terrorism with terrorism. The feelings on both sides are not that they are taking part in some evil and criminal act but risking their lives heroically for what they consider to be a just cause.“

—  John Mortimer English barrister, dramatist, screenwriter and author 1923 - 2009

Zdroj: Where There's a Will: Thoughts on the Good Life (2003), Ch. 15 : Interesting Times
Kontext: Of the old, violent anarchist groups it was said that they always contained one pathological killer, one selfless idealist and one police spy. It was difficult, at first glance, to tell which was which, but the idealist was always the most dangerous. A "war against terrorism" is an impracticable conception if it means fighting terrorism with terrorism. The feelings on both sides are not that they are taking part in some evil and criminal act but risking their lives heroically for what they consider to be a just cause. You could understandably reduce terrorism by improving security and increasing the number of police spies, but it can only finally be reduced by removing the number of just causes. ANC terrorism was pointless after the end of apartheid. Terrorism in Israel will stop only when a just solution has been agreed to and the occupied territories handed back. Terrorism has existed in Ireland since Elizabeth I sent the Earl of Essex out in an unsatisfactory attempt to quell the rebels. However, since former terrorists have become government ministers in Northern Ireland, some progress has been made and sometimes the signs are hopeful.

David Horowitz foto

„The source of the terror in Lebanon as in Iraq is to be found in the Koran and in the despotisms of the Arab Middle East.“

—  David Horowitz Neoconservative activist, writer 1939

[David, Horowitz, http://www.jewishworldreview.com/cols/horowitz.html, "Jaws of Defeat", jewishworldreview.com, July 31, 2006, 2010-01-04]

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