„Paucos uiros fortes natura procreat; bona institutione plures reddit industria.“

—  Flavius Renatus Vegetius, kniha De re militari

Few men are born brave; many become so through care and force of discipline. (General Maxims)
De Re Militari (also Epitoma Rei Militaris), Book III, "Dispositions for Action"

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Flavius Renatus Vegetius foto
Flavius Renatus Vegetius2
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Horace foto

„Vixere fortes ante Agamemnona.“

—  Horace, kniha Odes

Odes (c. 23 BC and 13 BC)

William T. Sherman foto

„Hold the fort! I am coming!“

—  William T. Sherman American General, businessman, educator, and author. 1820 - 1891

[The actual messages were "Sherman is coming. Hold out," and "General Sherman says hold fast. We are coming."[citation needed] This was changed to "Hold the fort" in a popular hymn by Philip Paul Bliss.]
Signal to Gen. John M. Corse at Allatoona (5 October 1864)
1860s, 1864, Signal to John M. Corse (October 1864)

J.M.W. Turner foto

„.. indistinctness is my forte.“

—  J.M.W. Turner British Romantic landscape painter, water-colourist, and printmaker 1775 - 1851

More full text:
"Unfortunately I met mr. Turner at the Academy a night or two after I received this letter; and he asked me if I had heard from Mr. Lennox. I was obliged to say ' yes.' ' Well, and how does he like the picture?' 'He thinks it indistinct.' ' You should tell him,' he replied, ' that indistinctness is my forte.'
undated quotes
Zdroj: Walter Thornbury. The Life of J.M.W. Turner,: ... Founded on Letters and Papers Furnished by His Friends and Fellow Academicians. By Walter Thornbury. In Two Volumes, Volume 2 http://books.google.com/books?id=FIMOAAAAQAAJ&pg=PA243. (1862), p. 243

Jean-Michel Basquiat foto
D.H. Lawrence foto

„She was always waiting, it seemed to be her forte.“

—  D.H. Lawrence, kniha Lady Chatterley's Lover

Zdroj: Lady Chatterley's Lover

„…He marched with his army to the fort of Sonipat, and the commandant of that fort, Daniãl Har by name, becoming aware of his approach, fled… the army of Islam, having captured that fort, pulled down all the temples and obtained an enormous quantity of booty.“

—  Nizamuddin Ahmad historian 1551 - 1594

About Sultãn ‘Abû-Sa‘îd Mas‘ûd of Ghazni (AD 1030-1042) Sonipat (Haryana) The Tabqãt-i-Akbarî translated by B. De, Calcutta, 1973, Vol. I, p. 22

Pierre Monteux foto

„For a time they confronted each other like two mute unspeaking forts.“

—  Malcolm Lowry, kniha Under the Volcano

Zdroj: Under the Volcano (1947), Ch. III (p. 75)

„Productive people guard their time more heavily than the gold in Fort Knox.“

—  Robert W. Bly American writer 1957

101 Ways to Make Every Second Count: Time Management Tips and Techniques for More Success With Less Stress (1999)

„Fences and forts with walls and flags, caw caw — they’re so funny.“

—  Dawud Wharnsby Canadian musician 1972

"Dear Mr. Crow "
A Picnic of Poems in Allah's Green Garden (2011)

„Better to be a laughing-stock than lose the fort for fear of being one.“

—  Rosemary Sutcliff, kniha The Eagle of the Ninth

Zdroj: The Eagle of the Ninth

Taliesin foto
Alauddin Khalji foto
Muhammad of Ghor foto
Balbhadra Kunwar foto

„Go capture the fort which you could not win by war, but now we've left it at our own will.“

—  Balbhadra Kunwar National hero of Nepal 1789 - 1823

To the British forces in the context of water blockade during Anglo-Nepalese War as quoted in http://kathmandupost.ekantipur.com/printedition/news/2012-01-31/bulbudder-and-the-british.html http://www.insightverse.com/2015/08/10-famous-nepalese-personalities-with.html?m=1

Anthony Wayne foto

„Dear Gen'l, -- The fort & garrison with Col. Johnston are ours. Our officers & men behaved like men who are determined to be free.“

—  Anthony Wayne Continental Army general 1745 - 1796

note to Washington after receiving the surrender of Stony Point

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