„I don't really like knees.“

Quoted in The Observer, 3 August 1958.

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„I don't like improvisation. I really don't.“

—  Michelle Pfeiffer American actress 1958

Inside the Actors Studio (2007) http://uk.youtube.com/user/pfeifferpfan2
Kontext: I don't like improvisation. I really don't. I'm the only one that will admit it. Because I think people think you're not a real actor if you don't like to improv. I don't like it.

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„Maybe at the very bottom of it… I really don't like God.“

—  Steven Weinberg American theoretical physicist 1933

The Atheism Tapes (2004)
Kontext: Maybe at the very bottom of it... I really don't like God. You know, it's silly to say I don't like God because I don't believe in God, but in the same sense that I don't like Iago, or the Reverend Slope or any of the other villains of literature, the god of traditional Judaism and Christianity and Islam seems to me a terrible character. He's a god who will... who obsessed the degree to which people worship him and anxious to punish with the most awful torments those who don't worship him in the right way. Now I realise that many people don't believe in that any more who call themselves Muslims or Jews or Christians, but that is the traditional God and he's a terrible character. I don't like him.

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„I don't really like to be the guy in the white suit at the front.“

—  George Harrison British musician, former member of the Beatles 1943 - 2001

Interview with Selina Scott on West 57th Street (aired 12 December 1987)
Kontext: I had no ambition when I was a kid other than to play guitar and get in a rock 'n' roll band. I don't really like to be the guy in the white suit at the front. Like in the Beatles, I was the one who kept quiet at the back and let the other egos be at the front.

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„Oh, Susanna, don't you cry for me
For I come from Alabama,
With my banjo on my knee.“

—  Stephen Foster American songwriter 1826 - 1864

Oh! Susanna, W.C. Peters & Co. (1848).
Kontext: Oh I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee,
I'm going to Louisiana, my true love for to see
It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry
The sun so hot I froze to death; Susanna, don't you cry.
Oh, Susanna, don't you cry for me
For I come from Alabama,
With my banjo on my knee.

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„I really don't like programming. I built this tool to program less so that I could just reuse code.“

—  Rasmus Lerdorf Danish programmer and creator of PHP 1968

Itconversations.com http://www.itconversations.com/shows/detail58.html

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„I don't want to know about my biggest idols. I don't want to read their autobiographies, I don't want to find out what they're really like.“

—  Meg White American musician 1974

Cameron, Keith (March 28, 2003), "The sweetheart deal" http://www.theguardian.com/music/2003/mar/29/artsfeatures.popandrock. The Guardian. Retrieved December 15, 2014.

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