„Human beings are good at many things, but thinking about our species as a whole is not one of our strong points. m4s45-m4s53“

How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth? (BBC Horizon, 2009)

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David Frederick Attenborough
britský přírodovědec 1926

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„Rationality is not one of humanity’s strong points.“

—  John Scalzi, kniha The Ghost Brigades

Zdroj: The Ghost Brigades (2006), Chapter 5 (p. 88)

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„We think of our acts toward non-human peoples, when we think of them at all, entirely from the human point of view.“

—  J. Howard Moore 1862 - 1916

We never take the time to put ourselves in the places of our victims. We never take the trouble to get over into their world, and realise what is happening over there as a result of our doings toward them. It is so much more comfortable not to do so—so much more comfortable to be blind and deaf and insane.
"The Psychology of Altruism", p. 304
The Universal Kinship (1906), The Ethical Kinship

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„Ukrainian army soldiers are being killed in Donbas. It’s horrible. When I think about this, it makes a very strong impression on me. Because I consider all of them to be ours.“

—  Vladimir Putin President of Russia, former Prime Minister 1952

https://twitter.com/dimsmirnov175/status/971351275152576513 (На Донбассе гибнут военнослужащие украинской армии. Когда я об этом думаю, на меня это производит очень сильное впечатление. Потому что я считаю, что там все наши.) https://twitter.com/dimsmirnov175/status/971351275152576513/video/1
On Ukraine

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„I think that if there is a scheme worthy of our kind it is that of human transformations causing the human being to advance toward unknown zones.“

—  Honoré de Balzac French writer 1799 - 1850

Letter to Evelina de Hanska (31 May 1837), translated by Katharine Prescott Wormeley.
Kontext: You know what my religion is. I am not orthodox, and I do not believe in the Roman Church. I think that if there is a scheme worthy of our kind it is that of human transformations causing the human being to advance toward unknown zones. That is the law of creations inferior to ourselves; it ought to be the law of superior creations. Swedenborgianism, which is only a repetition in the Christian sense of ancient ideas, is my religion, with the addition which I wish to make to it of the incomprehensibility of God.

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„I think both Louis and I were looking for more or less the same thing, and that is, when did our species, Homo, begin?“

—  Richard Leakey Kenyan paleoanthropologist, conservationist, and politician 1944

As quoted by Virginia Morell, Ancestral Passions: The Leakey Family and the Quest for Humankind's Beginnings (2011)

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