„In a place where there are no men, strive to be a man.“

—  Hillel

<span lang="he" dir="rtl">במקום שאין אנשים, השתדל להיות איש.</span>
Bemakom she'ein anashim, hishtadel lihyot ish.
Pirkei Avot

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Gordon Brown foto

„I want to lead a government humble enough to know its place – where I will always strive to be – and that is on people's side.“

—  Gordon Brown British Labour Party politician 1951

" Brown makes pitch to lead Britain http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/6644717.stm", BBC News online, 11 May 2007.
Speech at the launch of his leadership campaign, 11 May 2007.
Chancellor of the Exchequer

„But whether on the scaffold high
Or in the battle's van,
The fittest place where man can die
Is where he dies for man!“

—  Michael Joseph Barry Irish poet and political figure 1817 - 1889

The Dublin Nation, Sept. 28, 1844, Vol. ii. p. 809, reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).

Robert E. Howard foto
Diogenes Laërtius foto

„The market is a place set apart where men may deceive each other.“

—  Diogenes Laërtius biographer of ancient Greek philosophers 180 - 240

Anacharsis, 5.
The Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers (c. 200 A.D.), Book 2: Socrates, his predecessors and followers

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„The pit of a theatre is the one place where the tears of virtuous and wicked men alike are mingled.“

—  Denis Diderot French Enlightenment philosopher and encyclopædist 1713 - 1784

On Dramatic Poetry (1758)

Torquato Tasso foto

„Too dark the place and too inscrutable
where mortal men their deepest thoughts control.“

—  Torquato Tasso Italian poet 1544 - 1595

Chè 'n parte troppo cupa, e troppo interna
Il pensier de' mortali occulto giace.
Canto V, stanza 41 (tr. Wickert)
Gerusalemme Liberata (1581)

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„(Singapore) is not even a place where a white man is permitted to go to pieces….“

—  Anthony Burgess English writer 1917 - 1993

"Tanah Melayu".
Non-Fiction, Homage to QWERT YUIOP: Selected Journalism 1978-1985 (1986)

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Margaret Mead foto

„A city must be a place where groups of women and men are seeking and developing the highest things they know.“

—  Margaret Mead American anthropologist 1901 - 1978

Zdroj: 1970s, Margaret Mead: Some Personal Views (1979), p. 118

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„No man has a home unless he is master of a place where he must please no one—a place where he can go and lock the door behind him.“

—  Gene Wolfe, kniha Storeys from the Old Hotel

"Slaves of Silver", Galaxy, 1971, Reprinted in Gene Wolfe, Storeys from the Old Hotel (1988)

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe foto

„Man errs as long as he strives.“

—  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust

Es irrt der Mensch, so lang er strebt.
Variant translation: Man will err while yet he strives.
Prologue in Heaven
Faust, Part 1 (1808)

Thomas Boston foto
William Cowper foto

„But strive still to be a man before your mother.“

—  William Cowper (1731–1800) English poet and hymnodist 1731 - 1800

Connoisseur. Motto of No. iii.
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919)

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Robert Louis Stevenson foto

„In the highlands, in the country places,
Where the old plain men have rosy faces,
And the young fair maidens
Quiet eyes.“

—  Robert Louis Stevenson, kniha Songs of Travel and Other Verses

No. XV
Songs of Travel and Other Verses (1896)

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