„We think we are smart because we have been flying for about sixty years. Birds and bees and butterflies have been flying for hundreds of thousands of years.“

as quoted in Boss Ket (1961) by Rosamond McPherson Young p. 194

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Charles Franklin Kettering3
americký vynálezce, inženýr, podnikatel a držitel 140 paten… 1876 - 1958

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Marvin Minsky foto

„No bird discovers how to fly: evolution used a trillion bird-years to 'discover' that – where merely hundreds of person-years sufficed.“

—  Marvin Minsky American cognitive scientist 1927 - 2016

"Communication with Alien Intelligence" http://web.media.mit.edu/~minsky/papers/AlienIntelligence.html, in Extraterrestrials: Science and Alien Intelligence (1985) edited by Edward Regis <!-- Cambridge University Press --> also published in Byte Magazine (April 1985)
Kontext: Speed is what distinguishes intelligence. No bird discovers how to fly: evolution used a trillion bird-years to 'discover' that – where merely hundreds of person-years sufficed.

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Spider Robinson foto

„It took a couple of hundred million years to develop a thinking ape and you want a smart one in a lousy few hundred thousand?“

—  Spider Robinson Canadian author 1948

God Is An Iron (1977)
Kontext: "It took a couple of hundred million years to develop a thinking ape and you want a smart one in a lousy few hundred thousand? That lemming drive you're talking about is there — but there's another kind of drive, another kind of force that's working against it. Or else there wouldn't still be any people and there wouldn't be the words to have this conversation and—" She paused, looked down at herself. "And I wouldn't be here to say them."

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„awfully bold of you to fly the Good Year blimp on a year that has been extremely bad thus far“

—  Dril Twitter user

[ Link to tweet https://twitter.com/dril/status/490366979749216256]
Tweets by year, 2014

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„The bird of truth would not be able to fly if it weren't for the air of lies we breathe.“

—  Eugene J. Martin American artist 1938 - 2005

from E.J. Martin's website at http://morayeel.louisiana.edu/ejMARTIN/ejMARTIN-artist.html

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„I think we have been the most Conservative. I think that myself, and my friend Mr. Bright, and many I see about me, who have voted for twenty years for what have been considered revolutionary measures, have been the great Conservatives of our own age.“

—  Richard Cobden English manufacturer and Radical and Liberal statesman 1804 - 1865

Speech in Rochdale (26 June 1861), quoted in John Bright and J. E. Thorold Rogers (eds.), Speeches on Questions of Public Policy by Richard Cobden, M.P. Volume II (London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1908), p. 437.

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Alejandro Jodorowsky foto

„Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.“

—  Alejandro Jodorowsky Filmmaker and comics writer 1929

As quoted in Investing with Impact: Why Finance is a Force for Good (2016) by Jeremy Balkin

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„Translation: For mum we're fly. What mum you don't know who am I? I am Józio. And this is my sister Rózia. Now we're fly in sky! There is better than mum. See how heads in ray. Clothes with lucifer light. And on my hand as butterfly airfoil in sky we have all what we want, every day other toy, where we go here is grass, where we touch here is a flower. But we have what we want, torture us boring and trepidation. Oh mum for Your children road to heaven has been closed! On Always!“

—  Adam Mickiewicz, kniha Dziady

Do mamy lecim do mamy! Cóż to, mamo nie znasz Józia? Ja to Józio ja ten samy. A to moja siostra Rózia. My teraz w raju latamy, Tam nam lepiej niż u mamy. Patrz jakie główki w promieniu, Ubiór z jutrzenki światełka, A na oboim ramieniu Jak u motylków skrzydełka, w raju wszystkiego dostatek, Co dzień to inna zabawka, gdzie stąpim wypływa trawka, gdzie dotkniem rozkwita kwiatek. Lecz choć wszystkiego dostatek dręczy nad nuda i trwoga. Ach mamo dla twoich dziatek zamknięta do nieba droga!
Part two.
Dziady (Forefathers' Eve) http://www.ap.krakow.pl/nkja/literature/polpoet/mic_fore.htm

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„We have been troubled about the world, and had almost lost faith in man; it helps to think about the long history of the earth, and of how life came to be. And when we think in terms of millions of years, we are not so impatient that our own problems be solved tomorrow.“

—  Rachel Carson American marine biologist and conservationist 1907 - 1964

Speech accepting the John Burroughs Medal (April 1952); also in Lost Woods: The Discovered Writing of Rachel Carson (1999) edited by Linda Lear, p. 96

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