„I notice me. I notice you too.
And there are simple things that we don't even try anymore. There's a way out of this.
Beat the time.
And every time I turn around
we got some clever way to put each other down.“

"Beat The Time"
Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars (1988)

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Edie Brickell15
singer from the United States 1966

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„… things are the way they are in our universe because if they weren't, we wouldn't be here to notice.“

—  Brian Greene American physicist 1963

Zdroj: The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory

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„We gotta grow with the times, things have got to change. You know, sometimes the old rules don't apply anymore. And now...you know, we need some new rules.“

—  Antonio Fresco American DJ, music producer, and radio personality 1983

When asked about the decriminalization of marijuana in Texas "DFW Norml Interview" https://www.dfwnorml.org/2012/12/dj-m-squared-interview by NORML (20 December 2012)

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„I usually take no notice of reviews unless a critic has thought up some new way of describing me. That old one about the way I sleep my way through pictures is so hackneyed now.“

—  Robert Mitchum American film actor, author, composer and singer 1917 - 1997

As quoted in "Kate and Deborah Disagree" https://cdnc.ucr.edu/cgi-bin/cdnc?a=d&d=SBS19821031.1.97&srpos=1&e=31-10-1982-31-10-1982--en--20--1--txt-txIN-%22I+usually+take+no+notice+of+reviews%22-------1

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