„Where the abyss of his wisdom is, he will teach you what he is, and with what wondrous sweetness the loved one and the Beloved dwell one in the other, and how they penetrate each other in such a way that neither of the two distinguishes himself from the other. But they abide in one another in fruition, mouth in mouth, heart in heart, body in body, and soul in soul, while one sweet divine nature flows through them both and being in each other they are both one and they remain completely one -- yes, and remain so forever.“

—  Hadewijch, Letters, Letter IX.
Hadewijch foto
13th-century Dutch poet and mystic 1200 - 1260

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Diogenes Laërtius foto

„He was once asked what a friend is, and his answer was, "One soul abiding in two bodies."“

—  Diogenes Laërtius biographer of ancient Greek philosophers 180 - 240
The Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers (c. 200 A.D.), Book 5: The Peripatetics, Aristotle, 9.

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Alain foto

„Loving does not necessarily mean liking. But it still is loving, yes — totally, completely, utterly. Take the key of wisdom and unlock your own heart. Then let people in one by one. Listen to them, with full attention, with all your mind, heart, body and soul, unto exhaustion. And look!“

—  Catherine Doherty Religious order founder; Servant of God 1896 - 1985
Molchanie (1982), the exhaustion will be lifted, and you will be able to listen still more. Yes, love must be communicated person to person; otherwise it will not be effective.

Izaak Walton foto

„God has two dwellings — one in heaven, and the other in a meek and thankful heart.“

—  Izaak Walton English author and biographer 1593 - 1683
Reported in Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), p. 579.

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Hermann Hesse foto

„No man has ever been entirely and completely himself. Yet each one strives to become that — one in an awkward, the other in a more intelligent way, each as best he can.“

—  Hermann Hesse, kniha Demian
Demian (1919), Context: I do not consider myself less ignorant than most people. I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teachings my blood whispers to me. My story is not a pleasant one; it is neither sweet nor harmonious, as invented stories are; it has the taste of nonsense and chaos, of madness and dreams — like the lives of all men who stop deceiving themselves. Each man's life represents the road toward himself, and attempt at such a road, the intimation of a path. No man has ever been entirely and completely himself. Yet each one strives to become that — one in an awkward, the other in a more intelligent way, each as best he can. p. 9 Prologue

Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas foto

„Two souls in one, two hearts into one heart.“

—  Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas French writer 1544 - 1590
La Semaine; ou, Création du monde (1578), First Week, Sixth Day. Compare: "Two friends, two bodies with one soul inspir'd", Alexander Pope, The Iliad of Homer, Book xvi, line 267.

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Nathaniel Hawthorne foto

„What other dungeon is so dark as one's own heart! What jailer so inexorable as one's self!“

—  Nathaniel Hawthorne, kniha The House of the Seven Gables
The House of the Seven Gables (1851), Ch. XI : The Arched Window

Eugene O'Neill foto

„One may not give one's soul to a devil of hate — and remain forever scatheless.“

—  Eugene O'Neill American playwright, and Nobel laureate in Literature 1888 - 1953
Days Without End (1933), Father Baird: Act 3, Scene 1.

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