„Magnus has many good qualities… he is very versatile and he can play a lot of positions at a very high level. He's also very flexible. And he has this amazing talent for grinding on, as you say. So that combination I was unable to deal with.“

2013 World Chess Championship

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Liam Hemsworth foto

„Gary Ross is amazing. He’s just—he always has a billion ideas of what he wants, but has a very clear perspective also; he just makes it work. He really does. He’s trying different things and making everything look amazing.“

—  Liam Hemsworth Australian actor 1990

November 1, 2012, Q&A: Liam Hemsworth on The Hunger Games and Losing Weight for His Role, Krista Smith, November 8, 2011, Vanity Fair, Conde Nast http://www.vanityfair.com/online/daily/2011/11/Liam-Hunger-Games-Post,

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Donald J. Trump foto

„Howard has a strong ego. He [also] had a very strong desire to be perceived as doing a good job, and that combination worked wonders for us… To this day, they love him for what he did.“

—  Howard Safir 1941

Gerald Shur, a high-ranking Justice Department official who founded the Witness Protection Program, on Safir's efforts to clean up the program.
[Russ Baker and Josh Benson, http://www.observer.com/1999/commish-bites-back-howard-safir-explains-his-life-his-critics, The Commish Bites Back: Howard Safir Explains His Life to His Critics, The New York Observer, 1999-05-16, 2007-12-20]

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Rajinikanth foto

„He was a good sportsman too. He was an excellent fast bowler and a good fielder. He was also a very good kabaddi player.“

—  Rajinikanth Indian actor 1950

Ramachandra Rao, whom Shivaji affectionately used to call Kaddi (stick) Ramu because he was as thin as a rod.
You can see God in him at times (22 December 1999)

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Roger Federer foto

„If he is playing very good, I have to play unbelievable. If not, it’s impossible, especially if he’s playing with good confidence. When he’s 100 percent, he’s playing in another league. It’s impossible to stop him. I fight. I fight. I fight. Nothing to say. Just congratulate him.“

—  Roger Federer Swiss tennis player 1981

Rafael Nadal, after losing to Federer in the Shanghai Masters Cup semifinal, Nov. 17, 2007. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/18/sports/tennis/18tennis.html?ref=sports http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21844884/

Hector Berlioz foto

„The author of The Prophet not only has the good luck to have talent, he has also the talent to have good luck.“

—  Hector Berlioz French Romantic composer 1803 - 1869

L'auteur de ce Prophète a non seulement le bonheur d'avoir du talent, mais aussi le talent d'avoir du bonheur.
Les soirées de l'orchestre (1852), ch. 5 http://www.hberlioz.com/Writings/SO05.htm; Jacques Barzun (trans.) Evenings with the Orchestra (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1999) p. 62.

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Bertolt Brecht foto

„General, man is very useful.
He can fly and he can kill.
But he has one defect:
He can think.“

—  Bertolt Brecht German poet, playwright, theatre director 1898 - 1956

"General, Your Tank Is a Powerful Vehicle", in "From a German War Primer", part of the Svendborg Poems (1939); as translated by Lee Baxandall in Poems, 1913-1956, p. 289
Poems, 1913-1956 (1976)

„If there is a God, he has left no tracks in the laws of physics; or if he has, he has covered them up very well.“

—  Ivar Ekeland French mathematician 1944

Zdroj: The Best of All Possible Worlds (2006), Chapter 6, Pandora's Box, p. 122.

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Constantine P. Cavafy foto

„He knows he’s aged a lot: he sees it, feels it.
Yet it seems he was young just yesterday.
So brief an interval, so very brief.“

—  Constantine P. Cavafy Greek poet 1863 - 1933

An Old Man http://www.cavafy.com/poems/content.asp?id=39&cat=1
Collected Poems (1992)
Kontext: He knows he’s aged a lot: he sees it, feels it.
Yet it seems he was young just yesterday.
So brief an interval, so very brief. And he thinks of Prudence, how it fooled him,
how he always believed — what madness —
that cheat who said: “Tomorrow. You have plenty of time.”

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“