„No man can be a good citizen unless he has a wage more than sufficient to cover the bare cost of living, and hours of labor short enough so after his day’s work is done he will have time and energy to bear his share in the management of the community, to help in carrying the general load.“

1910s, The New Nationalism (1910)

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Theodore Roosevelt36
americký politik, 26. prezident Spojených států 1858 - 1919

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„Man has never proved his strength by the goods he possesses, but rather by the generous help he can bring to society.“

—  Doris Veillette Quebec journalist 1935 - 2019

Chronicle "Interdit aux hommes" (Forbidden to men), by Doris Veillette-Hamel, Journal Le Nouvelliste, June 10, 1972, page 19.
Chronicle "Forbidden to men", 1972

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„Every man has his moral backside which he refrains from showing unless he has to and keeps covered as long as possible with the trousers of decorum.“

—  Georg Christoph Lichtenberg German scientist, satirist 1742 - 1799

B 12
Variant translation: Everyone has a moral backside, which he does not show except in case of need and which he covers as long as possible with the breeches of respectability.
As quoted in Der Witz und seine Beziehung zum Unbewussten [Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious] (1905) by Sigmund Freud, as translated by James Strachey (1960), p. 100
Aphorisms (1765-1799), Notebook B (1768-1771)

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Friedrich Schiller foto

„He who has done his best for his own time has lived for all times.“

—  Friedrich Schiller, Wallenstein

Wallenstein (1798), Prologue - Wallensteins Lager (Wallenstein's Camp)

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„The General Strike has taught the working class more in four days than years of talking could have done.“

—  Arthur James Balfour British Conservative politician and statesman 1848 - 1930

Speech (7 May 1926), reported in The Observer (14 November 1926), quoted in Robert Andrews, The New Penguin Dictionary of Modern Quotations (2003)

/ Lord President of the Council

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„A man is in general better pleased when he has a good dinner upon his table, than when his wife talks Greek.“

—  Samuel Johnson English writer 1709 - 1784

Quoted in the "Apophthegms, Sentiments, Opinions and Occasional Reflections" of Sir John Hawkins (1787-1789) in Johnsonian Miscellanies (1897), vol. II, p. 11, edited by George Birkbeck Hill

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„A man begins cutting his wisdom teeth the first time he bites off more than he can chew.“

—  Herb Caen American newspaper columnist 1916 - 1997

Editors of the Reader's Digest. Quotable Quotes, page 144. http://books.google.com/books?id=YdYPgwWFFR0C&pg=PT144 Penguin, 1997 ISBN 1606525956

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