„Soon it will be the phase of the moon
When people tune in.“

—  Kate Bush, Song lyrics, The Kick Inside (1978), Context: Soon it will be the phase of the moon When people tune in. Every girl knows about the punctual blues, But who's to know the power behind our moves?

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„There are different phases of companies. When you’re in the tens of people, the idea itself either attracts people or it doesn’t. People are there because they think the problem you’re trying to solve is just that important.“

—  Marissa Mayer American business executive and engineer, former ceo of Yahoo! 1975
The New York Times: "Marissa Mayer Is Still Here" https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/18/business/marissa-mayer-corner-office.html (18 April 2018)

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„Such parliamentary bagpipes I myself have heard play tunes, much to the satisfaction of the people.“

—  Thomas Carlyle Scottish philosopher, satirical writer, essayist, historian and teacher 1795 - 1881
1850s, Latter-Day Pamphlets (1850), Stump Orator (May 1, 1850)

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„My advice to myself and to everyone else, particularly young people, is to turn on, tune in and drop out.“

—  Timothy Leary American psychologist 1920 - 1996
The Politics of Ecstasy (1968), Context: My advice to myself and to everyone else, particularly young people, is to turn on, tune in and drop out. By drop out, I mean to detach yourself from involvement in secular, external social games. But the dropping out has to occur internally before it can occur externally. I'm not telling kids just to quit school; I'm not telling people to quit their jobs. That is an inevitable development of the process of turning on and tuning in. A Trip with Paul Kassner <!-- Politics of Ecstasy 1999 p. 215 -->

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„It is not good when people no longer believe in war. Pretty soon they no longer believe in many other things which they absolutely must believe in if they are to be decent men.“

—  Thomas Mann German novelist, and 1929 Nobel Prize laureate 1875 - 1955
Quoted in Survey of Contemporary Literature (1977) by Frank Northen Magill, p. 4263

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„I think everybody, no matter how rich or poor, how young or old, has a phase in his life when he's depressive. It's reality. Not a lot of people want to talk about it. Most people rather hide that fact, but it's just one of the facts of life that absolutely fascinates me.“

—  Chris Cornell American singer-songwriter, musician 1964
On depression and suicide, NYROCK: Interview with Chris Cornell, October 1, 1999 https://web.archive.org/web/20030919022841/http://www.nyrock.com/interviews/1999/cornell_int.asp,

„For some of us it now embodies a mildly prurient voyeurism, but those who stay tuned claim it offers real insights into people's lives.“

—  Jeremy Isaacs British opera manager 1932
Interview in Prospect Magazine http://www.prospect-magazine.co.uk/article_details.php?id=7950, Of the programme Big Brother

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