„New schemas are even established which the child looks for and retains with care, as though they were obligatory or charged with efficacy.“

Zdroj: The Moral Judgment of the Child (1932), Ch. 1 : The Rules of the Game, § 9 : Conclusions : Motor Rules and the Two Kinds of Respect
Kontext: Mixture of assimilation to earlier schemas and adaptation to the actual conditions of the situation is what defines motor intelligence. But — and this is where rules come into existence — as soon as a balance is established between adaptation and assimilation, the course of conduct adopted becomes crystallized and ritualized. New schemas are even established which the child looks for and retains with care, as though they were obligatory or charged with efficacy.

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Jean Piaget foto
Jean Piaget1
švýcarský vývojový psycholog 1896 - 1980

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Judah P. Benjamin foto

„First, I charge a retainer; then I charge a reminder; next I charge a refresher; and then I charge a finisher.“

—  Judah P. Benjamin American politician and lawyer 1811 - 1884

Response when asked how he was able to maintain his substantial income. Reported in Simon I. Neiman, Judah Benjamin (1963) p. 207.

Albert Bandura foto

„If self-efficacy is lacking, people tend to behave ineffectually, even though they know what to do.“

—  Albert Bandura, Self-efficacy mechanism in human agency

[Albert Bandura, 1982, Self-efficacy mechanism in human agency, American Psychologist, 37, 2, 122-147, 10.1037/0003-066X.37.2.122, 0003-066X] (p. 127)

Marilyn Ferguson foto
Johann Gottlieb Fichte foto

„I am only a Schema of the Schema.“

—  Johann Gottlieb Fichte German philosopher 1762 - 1814

Outline of the Doctrine of Knowledge (1810)
Kontext: I know now that I shall. But all Actual Knowledge brings with it, by its formal nature, its schematised apposition; — although I now know of the Schema of God, yet I am not yet immediately this Schema, but I am only a Schema of the Schema. The required Being is not yet realised.
I shall be. Who is this I? Evidently that which is, — the Ego gives in Intuition, the Individual. This shall be.
What does its Being signify? It is given as a Principle in the World of Sense. Blind Instinct is indeed annihilated, and in its place there now stands the clearly perceived Shall. But the Power that at first set this Instinct in motion remains, in order that the Shall my now set it (the Power) in motion, and become its higher determining Principle. By means of this Power, I shall therefore, within its sphere, — the World of Sense, — produce and make manifest that which I recognise as my true Being in the Supersensuous World.

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Cesare Pavese foto
Robert Jordan foto
J. C. R. Licklider foto
Sigmund Freud foto

„Words and magic were in the beginning one and the same thing, and even today words retain much of their magical power.“

—  Sigmund Freud Austrian neurologist known as the founding father of psychoanalysis 1856 - 1939

Zdroj: Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis

Roland Barthes foto

„The bastard form of mass culture is humiliated repetition: content, ideological schema, the blurring of contradictions—these are repeated, but the superficial forms are varied: always new books, new programs, new films, news items, but always the same meaning.“

—  Roland Barthes French philosopher, critic and literary theorist 1915 - 1980

La forme bâtarde de la culture de masse est la répétition honteuse: on répète les contenus, les schèmes idéologiques, le gommage des contradictions, mais on varie les formes superficielles: toujours des livres, des émissions, des films nouveaux, des faits divers, mais toujours le même sens.
"Modern," in The Pleasure of the Text (1975)

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Eoin Colfer foto
Maria Montessori foto

„It seems as though a new epoch were in preparation, a truly human epoch“

—  Maria Montessori Italian pedagogue, philosopher and physician 1870 - 1952

Antropologia Pedagogica (1910), translated as Pedagogical Anthropology (1913), p. 259.
Kontext: It seems as though a new epoch were in preparation, a truly human epoch, and as though the end had almost come of those evolutionary periods which sum up the history of the heroic struggles of humanity; an epoch in which an assured peace will promote the brotherhood of man, while morality and love will take their place as the highest form of human superiority. In such an epoch there will really be superior human beings, there will really be men strong in morality and in sentiment. Perhaps in this way the reign of woman in approaching, when the enigma of her anthropological superiority will be deciphered. Woman was always the custodian of human sentiment, morality and honour, and in these respects man always has yielded women the palm.

„The terms of this new religion, though based on Hebrew models, were Greek terms.“

—  Thomas Cahill American scholar and writer 1940

Zdroj: Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter (2003), Ch.VII The Way They Went: Greco-Roman Meets Judeo-Christian
Kontext: The terms of this new religion, though based on Hebrew models, were Greek terms. Christ, Ekklēsia (Church), Baptism, Eucharist, Agapē (Lovingkindness)—all of Christianity's central words were Greek words. Christian patterns of thought... could indeed be traced to their origins in the coastal Levant, but they often shone with a Greek patina.

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“