„Our present undisputed control of the sea was achieved primarily through the employment of naval air-sea forces in the destruction of Japanese and German sea power.“

Employment of Naval Forces (1948)
Kontext: Our present undisputed control of the sea was achieved primarily through the employment of naval air-sea forces in the destruction of Japanese and German sea power. It was consolidated by the subsequent reduction of these nations to their present impotence, in which the employment of naval air-sea forces against land objectives played a vital role. It can be perpetuated only through the maintenance of balanced naval forces of all categories adequate to our strategic needs (which include those of the non-totalitarian world), and which can flexibly adjust to new modes of air-sea warfare and which are alert to develop and employ new weapons and techniques as needed.

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Chester William Nimitz foto
Chester William Nimitz1
admirál námořnictva Spojených států 1885 - 1966

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Chester W. Nimitz foto
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„He who controls the sea controls everything.“

—  Themistocles Athenian statesman -524 - -459 př. n. l.

As quoted in Australia Defence http://www.australiandefence.com.au/CE98DE40-F806-11DD-8DFE0050568C22C9
Originally quoted by Cicero in Letters to Atticus http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.02.0008%3Abook%3D10%3Aletter%3D8%3Asection%3D4 (10, 8, 4.): ... cuius omne consilium Themistocleum est. existimat enim qui mare teneat eum necesse esse rerum potiri.
Translation http://perseus.uchicago.edu/perseus-cgi/citequery3.pl?dbname=PerseusLatinTexts&getid=1&query=Cic.%20Att.%2010.8: "On the contrary, his view is entirely that of Themistocles: for he holds that the master of the sea must inevitably be master of the empire."

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„All wars will be settled by sea power.“

—  Erich Raeder German naval officer and Großadmiral during World War II 1876 - 1960

In Forrest Davis, "The Atlantic System: The Story of Anglo-American Control of the Seas" (1941), p. 221.

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„The sea! the sea! the open sea!
The blue, the fresh, the ever free!“

—  Bryan Procter English poet 1787 - 1874

The Sea, reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).

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„Death is a meeting place of sea and sea.“

—  Conrad Aiken American novelist and poet 1889 - 1973

The House of Dust (1916 - 1917)

„The Sea
Will be the Sea
Whatever the drop's philosophy.“

—  Attar of Nishapur Persian Sufi poet 1145 - 1221

As quoted in The Sun at Midnight : The Revealed Mysteries of the Ahlul Bayt Sufis (2003) by Laurence Galian

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„The sea is the same sea, and the Arabs are the same Arabs.“

—  Yitzhak Shamir prime minister of Israel 1915 - 2012

Shamir used this phrase in 1996, following the Oslo accords http://www.haaretz.com/weekend/pen-ultimate/word-for-word-who-s-throwing-who-into-the-sea-1.449269 ("It's Inconceivable" by Rafi Mann)

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„The sea had soaked his heart through“

—  George Chapman English dramatist, poet, and translator 1559 - 1634

Homer's Odysses (1614), Book V, line 608; shipwrecked Odysseus washes up on Scheria.
Kontext: Then forth he came, his both knees falt'ring, both
His strong hands hanging down, and all with froth
His cheeks and nostrils flowing, voice and breath
Spent to all use, and down he sunk to death.
The sea had soaked his heart through; all his veins
His toils had rack'd t'a labouring woman's pains.
Dead weary was he.

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