„Also by the way, I have found a title for this book. From Here to Eternity.“

—  James Jones, To Reach Eternity (1989), Context: Also by the way, I have found a title for this book. From Here to Eternity. Taken from the "Whiffenpoof" song, of Yale drinking fame. It goes: "We are little black sheep who have gone astray, baa... baa... baa. Gentlemen songsters out on a spree, damned from here to eternity. God have mercy on such as we. Baa, etc." Maybe it's maudlin, but so am I. I get chills every time I sing it, even when sober. Letter to Maxwell Perkins (21 October 1946); p. 80
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James Jones52
American author 1921 - 1977

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„Since it is probable that any book flying a bullet in its title is going to produce a corpse sooner or later - here it is.“

—  S. J. Simon British bridge player and writer, comic fiction writer 1904 - 1948
A Bullet in the Ballet, opening sentence.

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„I can't accept the title, to win it this way doesn't mean anything to me.“

—  Max Schmeling German boxer 1905 - 2005
After winning the world heavyweight title because Jack Sharkey been disqualified. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/fight/peopleevents/p_schmeling.html

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„When liberals' presidential nominees consistently fail to carry Kansas, liberals do not rush to read a book titled "What's the Matter With Liberals' Nominees?" No, the book they turned into a bestseller is titled "What's the Matter With Kansas?"“

—  George Will American newspaper columnist, journalist, and author 1941
2000s, Notice a pattern here? Column, September 14, 2006, "Dems Vs. Wal-mart" http://www.jewishworldreview.com/cols/will091406.php3 at jewishworldreview.com.

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