„The U. S.'s major strength factor and weapon is its economy. If you cripple it, you cripple the military.“

As quoted in "According to Plan" in TIME magazine (13 March 1950) http://www.time.com/time/printout/0,8816,812125,00.html

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Chester William Nimitz1
admirál námořnictva Spojených států 1885 - 1966

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„Food is a tool. It is a weapon in the U. S. negotiating kit“

—  Earl Butz American government official 1909 - 2008

Cited in: " Food Fights http://www.inthesetimes.com/mobile/article/food_fights" By Jeremy Gantz on inthesetimes.com

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„Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign policy represents a new and vulgar strain of American exceptionalism. It proudly proclaims its intention to maintain U. S. military dominance as the core pillar of U. S. foreign policy.“

—  Jeffrey D. Sachs American economist 1954

Excerpt from ‘A New Foreign Policy Beyond American Exceptionalism MSNBC, October 4, 2018 http://jeffsachs.org/2018/10/an-excerpt-from-a-new-foreign-policy/

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„Exploitation and manipulation produce boredom and triviality; they cripple man, and all factors that make man into a psychic cripple turn him also into a sadist or a destroyer.“

—  Erich Fromm German social psychologist and psychoanalyst 1900 - 1980

Zdroj: The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness (1973), p. 483
Kontext: Exploitation and manipulation produce boredom and triviality; they cripple man, and all factors that make man into a psychic cripple turn him also into a sadist or a destroyer. This position will be characterized by some as "overoptimistic," "utopian," or "unrealistic." In order to appreciate the merits of such criticism a discussion of the ambiguity of hope and the nature of optimism and pessimism seems called for.

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„[I admire] your wisdom and strength. […] We are with you and with Iran forever. As long as we remain united we will be able to defeat [U. S. ] imperialism, but if we are divided they will push us aside.“

—  Hugo Chávez 48th President of Venezuela 1954 - 2013

Said to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran, during a meeting to the country on July 29, 2006. http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory?id=2252549

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William Graham Sumner foto

„You see the expansion of industrial power pushed forward by the energy, hope, and thrift of men, and you see the development arrested, diverted, crippled, and defeated by measures which are dictated by military considerations.“

—  William Graham Sumner American academic 1840 - 1910

“The Conquest of the United States by Spain”, speech at Yale 1899 http://oll.libertyfund.org/titles/sumner-boll-11-w-g-sumner-the-conquest-of-the-united-states-by-spain-1898.

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Barry McCaffrey foto
Barry McCaffrey foto

„The situation is perilous, uncertain, and extreme – but far from hopeless. The U. S. Armed Forces are a rock. This is the most competent and brilliantly led military in a tactical and operational sense that we have ever fielded.“

—  Barry McCaffrey United States Army general 1942

As quoted in "The Bottom Line – Observations from Iraqi Freedom" http://www.jerrypournelle.com/reports/jerryp/Iraqreport.html (4 May 2006), Chaos Manor Special Reports

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