„Musicians don't retire; they stop when there's no more music in them.“

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Louis Armstrong5
americký jazzový trumpetista, skladatel a zpěvák 1901 - 1971

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„Hears the music under the rock
One of these days he'll stop
Don't stop when the music stops.“

—  Ysabella Brave American singer 1979
"Such a Quiet Man (original song!)" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HA6bri22Tk, the first original song she posted to YouTube, about which she wrote: "I got bored so I wrote this song tonight. The music, instruments, the lyrics, backup vocals, everything was me. And yes it is TOTALLY WEIRD!!!!!!" (13 May 2007)

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„The theatre is not the place for the musician. When the curtain is up the music interrupts the actor, and when it is down the music interrupts the audience.“

—  Arthur Sullivan English composer of the Gilbert & Sullivan duo 1842 - 1900
Quoted in The Musical Times, February 1909; cited from Percy A. Scholes The Mirror of Music, 1844-1944 (London: Novello, 1947) vol. 1, p. 267.

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„The musician is as rich as the music they give away.“

—  Robert Fripp English guitarist, composer and record producer 1946
Guitar Craft Monograph III: Aphorisms, Oct. 27 1988

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„But a musician or someone who's into music is different.“

—  Katie Melua British singer-songwriter 1984
Context: I don't think I could see myself with someone who's famous. I don't like the lifestyle and everything it stands for. Too superficial. That attention is too much. For me to go home and be surrounded by that sounds like a fucking nightmare. But a musician or someone who's into music is different.

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„Translation: If you don't like this, I'll stop writing music.“

—  Antonio Vivaldi Italian composer 1678 - 1741
Se questa non piace, non voglio più scrivere di musica. Quoted in: Michael Talbot (1978) Vivaldi, p. 90 An ironic note written upon an aria score of his opera Orlando Furioso (1727).

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„I love people and people watching. I love music. I am intrigued by musicians more than I am actors. I have a bigger respect for them.“

—  Maia Mitchell Australian actress 1993
As quoted in "Maia Mitchell: My Audition For ‘The Fosters’ Was ‘Crap’" by Sean Daly at The TV Page (20 January 2014) I'm sexy.

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„Fight the tendency to become complacent and do one kind of music - that is the death of a musician.“

—  Georg Solti Hungarian orchestral and operatic conductor 1912 - 1997
Conductors by John L. Holmes (1988) pp 256-261 ISBN 0-575-04088-2

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„Jazz musicians have some outlaw in them somewhere if they are serious about this music…The is no valid motivation for it other than love– outlaw motivation in a profit-motivated society.“

—  Mike Zwerin American jazz musician 1930 - 2010
La Tristesse de Saint Louis: Swing Under the Nazis, Chapter. 4, 1985, Dictionary of Quotations, Chambers: Edinburgh, U.K, 2005, p. 937

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„Nothing is more difficult than talking about music: if it is a prickly business for musicians, it is almost impossible for anyone else—the strongest, subtlest minds go astray.“

—  Camille Saint-Saëns French composer, organist, conductor, and pianist of the Romantic era 1835 - 1921
“L’illusion wagnérienne”, Portraits et souvenirs, Société d’édition artistique, 1899, 206‒220

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