„I love you,” he said fiercely. “ ’Tis not true that I kept a part of my heart locked away from you. You own all of it, lass. You’ve always owned it. I didn’t give it to you. You took it from the very start.“

—  Maya Banks

Zdroj: Never Love a Highlander

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autorka 1964

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„Marcia: I love you, they love you, always sing from your heart.“

—  Hayley Jensen Australian singer 1983

Australian Idol, Final Performances, Final 6

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„I saw my Lord with the eye of my heart.
He said, "Who are you?" I said, "I am You."
You are He Who fills all place
But place does not know where You are.
In my subsistence is my annihilation;
In my annihilation, I remain You.“

—  Mansur Al-Hallaj Persian mystic, revolutionary writer and teacher of Sufism 858 - 922

Mysticism and Philosophical Analysis (1978) by Steven T. Katz, p. 92; four centuries later the Christian mystic Meister Eckhart would make a very similar assertion: "The eye with which I see God is the same with which God sees me. My eye and God's eye is one eye, and one sight, and one knowledge, and one love."
Variant translations:
I saw my Lord with the eye of the heart. I asked: Who art Thou? <br/> He answered: Thou.
As quoted in Sufism : The Mystical Doctrines and Methods of Islam (1976) by William Stoddart , p. 83
I saw my Lord with the eye of the heart
And said: "Who are you?" He answered: "You!
As quoted in In the Company of Friends : Dreamwork Within a Sufi Group (1994) by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, p. 86
I saw my Lord with the eye of the heart, and I said "Who are you?" and he said "Your Self."
As quoted in The Modern Alchemist : A Guide to Personal Transformation (1994) by Iona Miller, p. 119
I saw my Lord with the Eye of my heart,<br/> And I said: Truly there is no doubt that it is You.<br/> It is You that I see in everything;<br/> And I do not see You through anything (but You).
As quoted in "Husayn ibn Mansur al-Hallaj" at Sidi Muhammad Press http://www.sufimaster.org/teachings/husayn.htm

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„I always wanted her to say, "I love you, I’ll stand by you, you are very important to me," but she never did. She loved me inside, but I didn’t feel it.“

—  Stella Vine English artist 1969

Catherine Deveney, "Stripped bare", http://living.scotsman.com/index.cfm?id=288312004 The Scotsman, (2004-03-14)
On her mother.

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„" he said. "I love you. Always.“

—  Cassandra Clare, kniha Clockwork Princess

Zdroj: Clockwork Princess

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