„There are many kinds of joy, but they all lead to one: the joy to be loved.“

—  Michael Ende, kniha Nekonečný příběh
Michael Ende foto
Michael Ende4
německý autor 1929 - 1995

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Michael Ende foto
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„This is not the discontent that leads to the joy of the kingdom.“

—  Anthony de Mello Indian writer 1931 - 1987
The Way to Love (1995), Context: Mostly the discontent that you feel comes from not having enough of something — you are dissatisfied because you think you do not have enough money or power or success or fame or virtue or love or holiness. This is not the discontent that leads to the joy of the kingdom. Its source is greed and ambition and its fruit is restlessness and frustration. The day you are discontented not because you want more of something but without knowing what it is you want; when you are sick at heart of everything you are pursuing so far and you are sick of the pursuing itself, then your heart will attain a great clarity, an insight that will cause you mysteriously to delight in everything and in nothing.

„We all need joy, and we can all receive joy in only one way, by adding to the joy of others.“

—  Eknath Easwaran spiritual teacher, author of books on meditation and spiritual practice, and translator and interpreter of Indian liter… 1910 - 1999
[The end of sorrow <nowiki>[vol 1 of the Bhagavad Gita for daily living]</nowiki>, Easwaran, Eknath, w:Eknath Easwaran, 1993, Nilgiri, Tomales, CA, 9780915132171, http://books.google.com/books?id=3S4fEjh40AUC&pg=PA109&dq=%22We+all+need+joy,+and+we+can+all+receive+joy+in+only+one+way,+by+adding+to+the+joy+of+others.%22&hl=en&ei=4qmfTuKjO4LliALiucFt&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CC0Q6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=%22We%20all%20need%20joy%2C%20and%20we%20can%20all%20receive%20joy%20in%20only%20one%20way%2C%20by%20adding%20to%20the%20joy%20of%20others.%22&f=false] (p. 109). (work originally published 1975)

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„Whoever has loved knows all that life contains of sorrow and joy.“

—  George Sand French novelist and memoirist; pseudonym of Lucile Aurore Dupin 1804 - 1876

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„Grosser light vanishes into eternal rays
Of all-pervading Cosmic Joy.
From Joy we come,
For Joy we live,
In the sacred Joy we melt.“

—  Paramahansa Yogananda Yogi, a guru of Kriya Yoga and founder of Self-Realization Fellowship 1893 - 1952
Quotes drawn from the poem "Samadhi"

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„The cross is there, of course, but "in the cross is joy of spirit." And love makes all things easy.“

—  Dorothy Day Social activist 1897 - 1980
Context: We are not expecting Utopia here on this earth. But God meant things to be much easier than we have made them. A man has a natural right to food, clothing, and shelter. A certain amount of goods is necessary to lead a good life. A family needs work as well as bread. Property is proper to man. We must keep repeating these things. Eternal life begins now. "All the way to heaven is heaven, because He said, "I am the Way." The cross is there, of course, but "in the cross is joy of spirit." And love makes all things easy. On Pilgrimage (1948)

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„Joy is deeper than sorrow, for all joy seeks eternity.“

—  Julie Taymor American film and theatre director 1952
Academy of Achievement interview (2006), Context: In our culture, we think that happy and color is trivial, that black and darkness is deeper. But Nietzsche said — which is a line that I firmly believe — "Joy is deeper than sorrow, for all joy seeks eternity." And if you see Grendel, you'll see, as he's on the edge of the abyss, ready to leap to his death, he sings, "Is it joy I feel? Is it joy I feel?" And it's so, so moving. You can have a lot of different explanations for the ending of that opera, but there is something so palpable that you will feel when he sings those lines.

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„Joy rul'd the day, and Love the night.“

—  John Dryden, kniha Fables, Ancient and Modern
Fables, Ancient and Modern (1700), The Secular Masque (1700), Line 82.

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„But love for an object eternal and infinite feeds the mind with joy alone, and a joy which is free from all sorrow. This is something greatly to be desired and to be sought with all our strength.“

—  Baruch Spinoza Dutch philosopher 1632 - 1677
On the Improvement of the Understanding (1662), Sed amor erga rem aeternam et infinitam sola laetitia pascit animum, ipsaque omnis tristitiae est expers; quod valde est desiderandum totisque viribus quaerendum. I, 10; translation by W. Hale White (Revised by Amelia Hutchison Stirling)

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“