„A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.“

A Voice Crying in the Wilderness (Vox Clamantis in Deserto) (1990)

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Edward Abbey2
americký autor a esejista 1927 - 1989

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„The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe.“

—  Andrew Jackson American general and politician, 7th president of the United States 1767 - 1845

"Proclamation to the people of Louisiana" from Mobile (21 September 1814).

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„It is the duty of every patriot to protect his country from its government.“

—  Thomas Paine English and American political activist 1737 - 1809

Edward Abbey, "A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government." as written in "A Voice Crying in the Wilderness" (Vox Clamantis en Deserto): Notes from a Secret Journal (1990), ISBN 0312064888.

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„The true teacher defends his pupils against his own personal influence.“

—  Amos Bronson Alcott American teacher and writer 1799 - 1888

Orphic Sayings
Kontext: The true teacher defends his pupils against his own personal influence. He inspires self-trust. He guides their eyes from himself to the spirit that quickens him. He will have no disciples. A noble artist, he has visions of excellence and revelations of beauty, which he has neither impersonated in character, nor embodied in words. His life and teachings are but studies for yet nobler ideals.

„The difference between patriotism and nationalism is that the patriot is proud of his country for what it does, and the nationalist is proud of his country no matter what it does; the first attitude creates a feeling of responsibility, but the second a feeling of blind arrogance that leads to war.“

—  Sydney J. Harris American journalist 1917 - 1986

"Purely Personal Prejudices" http://books.google.com/books?id=DLcEAQAAIAAJ&q=%22The+difference+between+patriotism+and+nationalism++is+that+the+patriot+is+proud+of+his+country+for+what+it+does+and+the+nationalist+is+proud+of+his+country+no+matter+what+it+does+the+first+attitude+creates+a+feeling+of+responsibility+but+the+second+a+feeling+of+blind+arrogance+that+leads+to+war%22&pg=PA228#v=onepage
Strictly Personal (1953)

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„Patriotism is not necessarily included in rebellion. A man may hate his king, yet not love his country.“

—  Samuel Johnson English writer 1709 - 1784

The Patriot (1774)
Kontext: Some claim a place in the list of patriots, by an acrimonious and unremitting opposition to the court. This mark is by no means infallible. Patriotism is not necessarily included in rebellion. A man may hate his king, yet not love his country.

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„Patriots always talk of dying for their country, and never of killing for their country.“

—  Bertrand Russell logician, one of the first analytic philosophers and political activist 1872 - 1970

Has Man a Future? (1962), p. 78

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„Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves it.“

—  Mark Twain American author and humorist 1835 - 1910

Part VI: "Two Fragments from a Suppressed Book Called 'Glances at History' or 'Outlines of History' ".
Papers of the Adams Family (1939)
Varianta: Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.
Kontext: In a monarchy, the king and his family are the country; in a republic it is the common voice of the people. Each of you, for himself, by himself and on his own responsibility, must speak. And it is a solemn and weighty responsibility, and not lightly to be flung aside at the bullying of pulpit, press, government, or the empty catch-phrases of politicians. Each must for himself alone decide what is right and what is wrong, and which course is patriotic and which isn't. You cannot shirk this and be a man. To decide it against your convictions is to be an unqualified and inexcusable traitor, both to yourself and to your country, let men label you as they may. If you alone of all the nation shall decide one way, and that way be the right way according to your convictions of the right, you have done your duty by yourself and by your country — hold up your head! You have nothing to be ashamed of.
Only when a republic's life is in danger should a man uphold his government when it is in the wrong. There is no other time.
This Republic's life is not in peril. The nation has sold its honor for a phrase. It has swung itself loose from its safe anchorage and is drifting, its helm is in pirate hands.

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„Every Muslim must rise to defend his religion. The wind of faith is blowing.“

—  Osama bin Laden founder of al-Qaeda 1957 - 2011

Video statement broadcast on the Arabic-language Al-Jazeera TV station. (7 October 2001) http://edition.cnn.com/interactive/world/0302/timeline.bin.laden.audio/content.1.html.
2000s, 2001

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„I want my country to be independent, always independent. I have to defend my convictions as a patriot and as a national leader. I have done my best, but as a human being I cannot be perfect, nobody is perfect.“

—  Norodom Sihanouk Cambodian King 1922 - 2012

As quoted by David Ablin and Marlowe Hood (March 14, 1985), "The Lesser Evil: An Interview with Norodom Sihanouk" http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/1985/mar/14/the-lesser-evil-an-interview-with-norodom-sihanouk/?pagination=false, The New York Review of Books.

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„God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it.“

—  Daniel Webster Leading American senator and statesman. January 18, 1782 – October 24, 1852. Served as the Secretary of State for three… 1782 - 1852

Speech (3 June 1834); reported in Edward Everett, ed., The Works of Daniel Webster (1851), volume iv, page 47

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„Another serious charge against Jesus was that of treason to his country.“

—  Kirby Page American clergyman 1890 - 1957

Zdroj: Jesus or Christianity: A Study in Contrasts (1929), p. 27
Kontext: Another serious charge against Jesus was that of treason to his country. His admonition to refrain from hatred and retaliation and instead to love the Romans seemed to the patriots of the day nothing less than disloyalty and treachery to his native land... There is little doubt as to what would have happened to an American citizen early in 1918 if he had arisen in a Liberty Loan mass meeting and pleaded for the immediate cessation of hostilities and protested against the hatred being manifested toward the Germans.

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