„Float with me in the world of ether.“

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David Lynch9
americký filmař, televizní režisér, výtvarník, hudebník a... 1946

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 Enya foto

„People have this image of me as an ethereal Lady of Shalott, floating across the battlements, but it's a very small castle as castles go — with no big ballrooms...“

—  Enya Irish singer, songwriter, and musician 1961
Context: I live in Victorian Gothic castle in Killiney that I was so bold as to rename Manderley, because Daphne du Maurier 's Rebecca is one of my favourite books.... People have this image of me as an ethereal Lady of Shalott, floating across the battlements, but it's a very small castle as castles go — with no big ballrooms... I don't write my music in my home, only in the studio; I want as normal life as possible at home, with dinner parties and entertaining.

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Tori Amos foto

„Nothing's gonna stop me from floating.“

—  Tori Amos American singer 1963
"Father Lucifer".

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David Brin foto

„Petals floating by, Drift through my woman’s hand, As she remembers me.“

—  David Brin novelist, short story writer 1950
Chapter 103 (p. 418)

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 Empedocles foto

„With deep roots Ether plunged into earth.“

—  Empedocles ancient Greek philosopher -490 - -430 př. n. l.
fr. 54

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Frank Wilczek foto

„Quite undeservedly, the ether has acquired a bad name.“

—  Frank Wilczek physicist 1951
Fantastic realities: 49 mind journeys and a trip to Stockholm, Singapore: World Scientific, 2006, p. 293, and "The Persistence of Ether": Physics Today, Vol. 52, Issue 1, pp. 11–13 (January 1999) http://xserver2.lns.mit.edu/%7Ecsuggs/physics_today/phystoday/Ether.pdf

James Thomson (poet) foto

„Come, gentle Spring! ethereal mildness, come.“

—  James Thomson (poet) Scottish writer (1700-1748) 1700 - 1748
l. 1.

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Isaac Newton foto

„I would suppose it diverse from the vibrations of the ether“

—  Isaac Newton British physicist and mathematician and founder of modern classical physics 1643 - 1727
Context: Were I to assume an hypothesis, it should be this, if propounded more generally, so as not to assume what light is further than that it is something or other capable of exciting vibrations of the ether. First, it is to be assumed that there is an ethereal medium, much of the same constitution as air, but far rarer, subtiller, and more strongly elastic.... In the second place, it is to be supposed that the ether is a vibrating medium, like air, only the vibrations much more swift and minute; those of air made by a man's ordinary voice succeeding at more than half a foot or a foot distance, but those of ether at a less distance than the hundredth-thousandth part of an inch. And as in air the vibrations are some larger than others, but yet all equally swift... so I suppose the ethereal vibrations differ in bigness but not in swiftness.... In the fourth place, therefore, I suppose that light is neither ether nor its vibrating motion, but something of a different kind propagated from lucid bodies. They that will may suppose it an aggregate of various peripatetic qualities. Others may suppose it multitudes of unimaginable small and swift corpuscles of various sizes springing from shining bodies at great distances one after the other, but yet without any sensible interval of time.... To avoid dispute and make this hypothesis general, let every man here take his fancy; only whatever light be, I would suppose it consists of successive rays differing from one another in contingent circumstances, as bigness, force, or vigour, like as the sands on the shore... and, further, I would suppose it diverse from the vibrations of the ether.... Fifthly, it is to be supposed that light and ether mutually act upon one another.... æthereal vibrations are therefore the best means by which such a subtile agent as light can shake the gross particles of solid bodies to heat them.

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„Time dissipates to shining ether the solid angularity of facts.“

—  Ralph Waldo Emerson American philosopher, essayist, and poet 1803 - 1882