„Walls have ears.
Doors have eyes.
Trees have voices.
Beasts tell lies.
Beware the rain.
Beware the snow.
Beware the man
You think you know.
-Songs of Sapphique“

—  Catherine Fisher, kniha Incarceron

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Catherine Fisher1
welšská dětská spisovatelka 1957

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„Beware the man of a single book.“

—  Thomas Aquinas Italian Dominican scholastic philosopher of the Roman Catholic Church 1225 - 1274

As quoted by Leonard Sweet, The Greatest Story Never Told http://books.google.gr/books?id=KuTRcjWL91AC&dq=, section: "The Gift of Lyrics", Abingdon Press, 2012
Variant: "Beware the man of one book."
See also: Homo unius libri
Originál: (la) hominem unius libri timeo
Varianta: I fear the man of a single book.

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„Beware the fury of a patient man.“

—  John Dryden, Absalom and Achitophel

Pt. I, line 999–1005. Compare Publius Syrus, Maxim 289, "Furor fit læsa sæpius patientia" ("An over-taxed patience gives way to fierce anger").
Absalom and Achitophel (1681)
Varianta: Beware the Fury of a Patient Man.
Kontext: Oh that my Pow'r to Saving were confin’d:
Why am I forc’d, like Heav’n, against my mind,
To make Examples of another Kind?
Must I at length the Sword of Justice draw?
Oh curst Effects of necessary Law!
How ill my Fear they by my Mercy scan,
Beware the Fury of a Patient Man.

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„Beware of the man whose god is in the skies.“

—  George Bernard Shaw Irish playwright 1856 - 1950

1900s, Maxims for Revolutionists (1903)

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„Beware of the man who won't be bothered with details.“

—  William Feather Publisher, Author 1889 - 1981

As quoted in Good Advice (1993), edited by William Safire and ‎Leonard Safir, p. 215

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„977. Beware of no Man more than thy self.“

—  Thomas Fuller (writer) British physician, preacher, and intellectual 1654 - 1734

Introductio ad prudentiam: Part II (1727), Gnomologia (1732)

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„A huge dog, tied by a chain, was painted on the wall and over it was written in capital letters ‘Beware of the dog.“

—  Petronius, kniha Satirikon

Sec. 29
Originál: (la) Canis ingens, catena vinctus, in pariete erat pictus superque quadrata littera scriptum ‘Cave canem.’

„From "Beware of the Beautiful Stranger". title song of 1970 album, sung by Pete Atkin.“

—  Clive James Australian author, critic, broadcaster, poet, translator and memoirist 1939 - 2019

Poems and song lyrics

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„Beware of endeavouring to become a great man in a hurry. One such attempt in ten thousand may succeed: these are fearful odds.“

—  Benjamin Disraeli British Conservative politician, writer, aristocrat and Prime Minister 1804 - 1881

Book I, Chapter 10.
Books, Coningsby (1844), Vivian Grey (1826)

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