„Remember, any lie you are told, even deliberately, is often a more significant fact than a truth told in all sincerity.“

— Halldór Kiljan Laxness

Halldór Kiljan Laxness foto
Halldór Kiljan Laxness3
islandský autor 1902 - 1998

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Vladimir Lenin foto

„A lie told often enough becomes the truth.“

— Vladimir Lenin Russian politician, led the October Revolution 1870 - 1924

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 E.M.S foto

„Hey, you never told me that you weren't feelin' alright“

—  E.M.S Nigerian rapper, singer and record producer 1995

Martin Luther King, Jr. foto

„Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.“

— Martin Luther King, Jr. American clergyman, activist, and leader in the American Civil Rights Movement 1929 - 1968
Ch. 4 : Love in action, Sct. 3

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Marco Polo foto

„I have not told half of what I saw.“

— Marco Polo Venetian explorer and merchant noted for travel to central and eastern Asia 1254 - 1324
On his death-bed, when urged to retract "some of the seemingly incredible statements he made in his book", as quoted in The travels of Marco Polo, the Venetian (J. M. Dent, 1926), p. xxiv. Quote in Italian from Imago mundi seu Chronica (c. 1330) by Jacopo d'Acqui, as reported in the bibliographic note to Marco Polo: Storia del mercante che capì la Cina (2009) by Vito Bianchi.

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„Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.“

— Pablo Picasso Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, and stage designer 1881 - 1973

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„Remember: You can reach any goal you have in mind.“

— Nick Vujicic Serbian Australian evangelist and motivational speaker 1982

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