„They use everything about the hog except the squeal.“

Beall Sinclair Upton foto
Beall Sinclair Upton3
americký romanopisec, spisovatel, novinář, politický akti... 1878 - 1968

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Larry Niven foto

„He liked everything about the university except the students.“

—  Larry Niven American writer 1938
Chapter 19 “Channel Two’s Popularity” (p. 162)

Peter Ustinov foto

„I like everything about it except the flavor.“

—  Peter Ustinov English actor, writer, and dramatist 1921 - 2004
Context: It's hot. And there's a lot of it. I like everything about it except the flavor. Bill Budd, on the ship's gruel.

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Thomas Fuller (writer) foto

„1659. Give not Pearls to the Hogs.“

—  Thomas Fuller (writer) British physician, preacher, and intellectual 1654 - 1734

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Phillip Guston foto

„Everything is possible, everything except dogma, of any kind.... That's what it's about. Freedom. That's the only possession an artist has — freedom to do whatever you can imagine.“

—  Phillip Guston American artist 1913 - 1980
In: 'It's About Freedom' - as quoted as last lign in 'It's About Freedom, Philip Guston's Late Works in the Schirn'; Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt 11/6/2013 – 2/2/2014 http://db-artmag.com/en/78/on-view/its-about-freedom-philip-gustons-late-works-in-the-schirn/

George Eliot foto
April Winchell foto

„We've talked about coffee enemas and they're perfectly fine, except the doughnuts get stuck in the hose. And that just ruins everything.“

—  April Winchell American voice actor and writer 1960
KFI-Los Angeles radio broadcast, March 25, 2001, 11:00 p.m. hour.

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Oscar Wilde foto
Philip Roth foto
Patrick Allen foto

„String 'em up and watch the piggies squeal!“

—  Patrick Allen Film, television and voice actor 1927 - 2006