„You can't change laws without first changing human nature.'
-Nurse Greta

You can't change human nature without first changing the law.'
-Nurse Yvonne“

—  Neal Shusterman, kniha Unwind

Zdroj: Unwind

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Neal Shusterman9
americký romanopisec 1962

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„You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, and you can't change human nature from intelligent self-interest into pure idealism—not in this life; and if you could, what would be left for paradise?“

—  Joseph Gurney Cannon American politician 1836 - 1926

Maxim quoted in a tribute to Cannon on his retirement, reported in The Sun, Baltimore, Maryland (March 4, 1923); Congressional Record (March 4, 1923), vol. 64, p. 5714.

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„Don't ask the world to change — you change first.“

—  Anthony de Mello Indian writer 1931 - 1987

"The Death of Me", p. 151
Awareness (1992)
Zdroj: Awareness: Conversations with the Masters
Kontext: Don't ask the world to change — you change first. Then you'll get a good enough look at the world so that you'll be able to change whatever you think ought to be changed. Take the obstruction out of your own eye. If you don't you have lost the right to change anyone or anything. Till you are aware of yourself, you have no right to interfere with anyone else or with the world.

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„Deanna's voice softened. "Theresa, I know there's a part of you that believes you can change someone, but the reality is that you can't. You can change yourself, and Garrett can change himself, but you can't do it for him."“

—  Nicholas Sparks, kniha Message in a Bottle

"I know that--"
"But you don't," Deanna said, gently cutting her off. "Or if you do, you don't want to see it that way. Your vision, as they say, has become clouded."
Deanna and Theresa Osbourne, Chapter 10, p. 196
Zdroj: 1990s, Message in a Bottle (1998)

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„Do not think for one second that what you do is not important. Do not believe one second that individual can't change the course of human events, because individual can and does and will change the course of human events.“

—  Pamela Geller blogger, author, political activist, and commentator 1958

"Pamela Geller speaks to the Sugar Land Tea Party in Sugar Land, Texas" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLzlQ7WrvfQ&t=0h28m21s, Sugar Land, Texas

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„All human nature vigorously resists grace because grace changes us and the change is painful.“

—  Flannery O’Connor American novelist, short story writer 1925 - 1964

Zdroj: The Habit of Being: Letters of Flannery O'Connor

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„First and foremost, let us remember that change has never been quick. Change has never been simple, or without controversy. Change depends on persistence. Change requires determination.“

—  Barack Obama 44th President of the United States of America 1961

2011, Remarks at a Dedication Ceremony for the Martin Luther King, Jr., National Memorial (October 2011)

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„The only thing that one really knows about human nature is that it changes.“

—  Oscar Wilde, kniha The Soul of Man under Socialism

The Soul of Man Under Socialism (1891)
Kontext: The only thing that one really knows about human nature is that it changes. Change is the one quality we can predicate of it. The systems that fail are those that rely on the permanency of human nature, and not on its growth and development. The error of Louis XIV was that he thought human nature would always be the same. The result of his error was the French Revolution. It was an admirable result. All the results of the mistakes of governments are quite admirable.

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