„The mind serves best when it's anchored in the Word of God. There is no danger then of becoming an intellectual without integrity...“

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Flannery O’Connorová2
americká spisovatelka 1925 - 1964

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„If one has lived long enough, there is danger of succumbing to the word “God” merely because it was always there.“

—  Elias Canetti Bulgarian-born Swiss and British jewish modernist novelist, playwright, memoirist, and non-fiction writer 1905 - 1994
J. Agee, trans. (1989), p. 108

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„Euryalus, is it
the gods who put this fire in our minds,
or is it that each man's relentless longing
becomes a god to him?“

—  Allen Mandelbaum American poet and professor of literature, translator from Latin and Italian 1926 - 2011
Book IX, lines 243–246

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