„I'm told there's no going back. So I'm choosing forward.“

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americká spisovatelka 1968

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The Notorious B.I.G. foto

„I'm going, going, back, back, to Cali, Cali.“

—  The Notorious B.I.G. American rapper 1972 - 1997
Song lyrics, Life After Death (1997), "Going Back to Cali"

„I'm going forward. I know — because I went.“

—  Henry Kuttner American author 1915 - 1958
The Time Axis (1949), Context: I'm going forward. I know — because I went. It was a wonderful world they had. I want to see more of it. I want to wake up in a time when the race of man is spreading through the galaxy, leaping across the gulfs between the stars, opening the gates to all the worlds. I want to and I will. Ch. 25 : Return Voyage

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„I'm so happy to be engaged and look forward to a life of happiness with Liam.“

—  Liam Hemsworth Australian actor 1990
About, Miley Cyrus. — [Cyrus and Hemsworth get engaged, UPI NewsTrack, UPI News Service, June 6, 2012]

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Agnetha Fältskog foto

„I'm not the person who looks back or looks forward. I try to live in what is now.“

—  Agnetha Fältskog Swedish recording artist and entertainer 1950
Ask Agnetha No. 15, Agnetha Fältskog's YouTube channel (AgnethaOfficial), 16 May 2013 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTKhvSKfMYs

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„I'm surprised that I won the race to the egg. I'm not a good swimmer. If I was back in there now I'd go forget it, let them lot go first.“

—  Karl Pilkington English television personality, social commentator, actor, author and former radio producer 1972
The Moaning of Life, Karl on Kids

John Lennon foto

„How can I go forward when I don't know which way I'm facing?“

—  John Lennon English singer and songwriter 1940 - 1980
Lyrics, Imagine (1971 album)

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Ann Coulter foto

„I'm here, I'm not queer, and I'm not going away.“

—  Ann Coulter author, political commentator 1961
2006, Godless : The Church of Liberalism (2006), From appearance on Lou Dobbs Tonight (8 June 2006), quoted on p. 82.

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