„If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!“

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„Everything you do is an opportunity cost. Learn to say “No”“

—  Randy Pausch American professor of computer science, human-computer interaction and design 1960 - 2008

Time Management (2007)

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„"What do you think?" "Sir?" "Frightening? Did you ever learn mathematics?" "Yes, sir." "So add up how many Frenchmen can actually use their muskets."“

—  Bernard Cornwell British writer 1944

Captain Richard Sharpe and Ensign Denny, commenting on an approaching French column, a formation that only allows the front rank to fire, p. 220
Sharpe (Novel Series), Sharpe's Eagle (1981)

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„If you are not egotistical, you will welcome the opportunity to learn more.“

—  John Marks Templeton stock investor, businessman and philanthropist 1912 - 2008

The Quotable Sir John
Kontext: I have no quarrel with what I learned in the Presbyterian church — I am still an enthusiastic Christian. But why shouldn't I try to learn more? Why shouldn't I go to Hindu services? Why shouldn't I go to Muslim services? If you are not egotistical, you will welcome the opportunity to learn more.

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