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Charles Sheffield

Datum narození: 25. červen 1935
Datum úmrtí: 2. listopad 2002

Charles Sheffield byl britský vědec, americký sci-fi spisovatel.

Citáty Charles Sheffield

„Tam venku docela přátelsky kráčeli jsme vstříc smrti.“

„Tohle nikdy nebyly oči tvé skutečné lásky, proč předstíráš, že je miluješ?“

„A přesto každý člověk zabíjí to, co miluje.“

„Když odejdou polobizi, přicházejí bohové.“

„Remember, an easy question can have an easy answer. But a hard question must have a hard answer. And for the hardest questions of all, there may be no answer - except faith.“ Brother to Dragons

„I'm getting old, thought Eileen Calder. Old and worn out and cynical. And being cynical is a lot worse than being old or worn out.“ Brother to Dragons

„Sometimes I think about dying. And then I wonder about going to hell. And then I think that if and when I go there, the place will be completely organized and run by lost souls, with a council and a works committee and an ethics panel, and I'll feel right at home.“

„I'm fat... I regard that as healthy. Good food wards off disease. - Dr. Erasmus Darwin“ The Amazing Dr. Darwin

„A joke was the best barometer for mental weather.“ The Amazing Dr. Darwin

„«La vida, si no es una gloriosa aventura, no es nada».“ Odisea del mañana, La

„Education isn't like a video, with a beginning and a middle and an end. It has a beginning, then it keeps going until you're dead. If it stops you are dead, even if you don't know it.“ Higher Education

„you were being strangled by the biggest, most inefficient, best entrenched bureaucratic system in the history of the world. You were in school, adrift within an education system that had lost any interest in the value of knowledge, or truth, or discipline, or self-evaluation. Like all monopolies, it was more interested in perpetuating and protecting its own territory than in anything else.“ Higher Education

„there is a branch of science called geobotany. It is a way of looking for minerals by knowing that certain plants will only grow in their presence or absence, and sometimes by knowing that the plants themselves concentrate particular minerals in their leaves and stems.“ Putting Up Roots

„Jeff wished he were a computer himself. It sounded so calm and certain. He, as usual, was terrified.“ The Cyborg From Earth

„the writer liked machines and people who work with machines, he respected what they do, and he wrote poems showing that the lives of engineers and miners and pilots have their own excitement and romance.“ The Billion Dollar Boy

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