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Fred Allen

Datum narození: 31. květen 1894
Datum úmrtí: 17. březen 1956

Fred Allen. Chybí nám detailnější popis autora.

„California's a wonderful place to live - if you happen to be an orange.“

—  Fred Allen

Reported in Steven D. Price, 1001 Greatest Things Ever Said About California (2007), p. viii.

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„A good comedian can say things funny and other guys just say funny things.“

—  Fred Allen

Attributed by Robert Lemke in The Sunday Press (Binghamton, NY), “Rock ‘n Roll ‘Musically Horrid” Says Ex-2-a-Dayer,” pg. 2-C, col. 1 (9 August 1959)

„Sullivan will be successful as long as other people have talent.“

—  Fred Allen

As quoted in Always On Sunday. Ed Sullivan: An Inside View (1968) by Michael David Harris; reproduced in "Sunday Marks Ed Sullivan's 20th Anniversary on TV," The San Antonio Express (June 16, 1968), p. 117

„A molehill man is a pseudo-busy executive who comes to work at 9 am and finds a molehill on his desk. He has until 5 pm to make this molehill into a mountain. An accomplished molehill man will often have his mountain finished even before lunch.“

—  Fred Allen

Treadmill to Oblivion"A+molehill+man+is+a+pseudo+busy+executive+who+comes+to+work+at+9+am+and+finds+a+molehill+on+his+desk+He+has+until+5+pm+to+make+this+molehill+into+a+mountain+An+accomplished+molehill+man+will+often+have+his+mountain+finished+even+before+lunch"&pg=PA27#v=onepage (1954).

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