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Gabriel Marcel

Datum narození: 7. prosinec 1889
Datum úmrtí: 8. říjen 1973
Další jména: Gabriel Honoré Marcel

Gabriel Marcel byl francouzský spisovatel, dramatik a personalistický filosof; bývá řazen mezi představitele křesťanského existencialismu.

„Milovat nějakou bytost znamená říci jí: Ty nezemřeš!“

„Když člověk nežije podle svých myšlenek, skončí přemýšlením jak žije.“

„Problém je něco, co brání v cestě. Mám jej celý před sebou. Naopak tajemství je něco, v čem jsem angažován, co mne přitahuje – a co tedy z povahy věci nemám celé před sebou.“

„I almost think that hope is for the soul what breathing is for the living organism. Where hope is lacking the soul dries up and withers...“ Homo Viator: Introduction to the Metaphysic of Hope

„The atheist relies not on an experience but on an idea, or pseudo idea, of God: if God existed, He would have such and such characteristics; but if he had such characteristics, He could not allow etc... His judgment of incompability, in fact, is based on a judgment of implications.“

„The key to the scientist's purpose is the idea that every phenomenon is the product of a certain given set of condition. In his laboratory he hopes to reconstitute the set of conditions, however complex they may be, which, once they are fully reconstituted, cannot fail to give rise to the phenomenon he is after, life. In other words he seeks to start off a mechanically fated chain-reaction; and of course, in enumerating the conditions that have made it possible for him to manufacture his phenomenon he systematically discounts the huge mental toils, the plodding, methodical research, of himself and others.

Thus, by a singular contradiction, he succeeds in convincing himself and, of course, attempts to persuade others, that he has arrived at the origin of his phenomenon; he sets out to demonstrate that everything in the universe runs perfectly smoothly by itself, without any creative power at anytime intruding.“

„My freedom is not and cannot be something that I observe as I observe an outward fact; rather it must be something that I decide, moreover, without appeal. It is beyond the power of anyone to reject the decision by which I assert my freedom and this assertion is ultimately bound up with the consciousness that I have of myself.“

„It is impossible to exaggerate how much better the formula es denkt in mir is than cogito ergo sum, which lets us in for pure subjectivism.“ Being and Having

„I know by my own experience how, from a stranger met by chance, there may come an irresistible appeal which overturns the habitual perspectives just as a gust of wind might tumble down the panels of a stage set - what had seemed near becomes infinitely remote and what had seemed distant seems to be close.“

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