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Jennifer Lopez

Datum narození: 24. červenec 1969
Další jména: Lopez

Jennifer Lynn Lopez je americká herečka, zpěvačka, módní návrhářka a tanečnice známá také pod přezdívkou JLo.

„Když gazelu v Africe probudí slunce ví, že musí dnes běžet rychleji než lev, jinak se stane jeho kořistí. A lev zase ví, že musí běžet rychleji než gazela, jinak chcípne hlady. Poučení: Je jedno, zda jsi lev nebo gazela, vyjde-li slunce, musíš běžet.“

„You get what you give. What you put into things is what you get out of them.“

„Always remember. You will live. You will love. You will dance again.“ True Love

„I had found that taking risks, being true to myself, and making decisions with good intentions can exceed even my own expectations.“ True Love

„Integrity is your own gauge of what is right for you. Integrity is not a stand-alone concept“ True Love

„Ultimately, we can never change someone else’s behavior—we can only change our own.“ True Love

„You have to take care of yourself, your body, your mind, take care of your soul—be your own keeper.“ True Love

„Because the truth is, nobody knows what’s best for you better than you do. You have to really sit still and ask yourself: What do I want? Does this feel right? What should I do? I realized I had to go back and do what I had always done. Listening to my gut was just as important as listening to the advice of others, and only I knew what was best for me.“ True Love

„As painful as some of the past year’s changes have been, they will ultimately lead to a better place. The adversity you come across in life may cause pain, but with pain comes growth and the opportunity to rise to the occasion as your strongest, best self.“ True Love

„In the end, the truth finds a way to surface, even if you don’t want it to.“ True Love

„Because you can't expect to be treated great if you don't first believe that you are great.“ True Love

„As women, we almost never give ourselves enough credit for what we're capable of, for what we endure and how giving we are.
Part of loving yourself is about forgiving yourself - which is something I've always struggled with. It's the messy parts that make us human, so we should embrace them too - pat ourselves on the back for getting through them rather than being angry for having gotten into them in the first place. Because loving yourself is ultimately about self-acceptance, about embracing every part of who you are. And that's never just one thing.“
True Love

„You have to be okay on your own before you can have a healthy relationship with another person.“ True Love

„I judge people on how they smell, not how they look.“

„There is a love like no other. A love that requires no conditions. A love that can't be explained or learned. It's a love that gives you a greater purpose. It's a love that can set the rest of your world aside.“

„Whenever it feels uncomfortable to tell the truth, that’s often the most important time to tell it.“ True Love

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