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Joseph Delaney

Datum narození: 25. červenec 1945

Joseph Delaney - chybí nám detailnější popis autora.

Citáty Joseph Delaney

„Někdy, když něco zlého zemi opustí, něco dobrého nastoupí na to samé místo.“

„Now it's the dark's turn to be afraid.“ Curse of the Bane

„You can't just be reading books all the time and leave the writting of them to others.“ Night of the Soul Stealer

„Even a strong man can succumb to the wiles of a pretty girl with pointy shoes.“ Attack of the Fiend

„The first step towards knowledge is to accept your own ignorance.“ Curse of the Bane

„And an unaware witch means a witch who doesn't know she's a witch, and because she's a women that makes her double trouble. Never trust a women."
My mothers a women," I said, suddenly feeling a little angry, "and I trust her."
Mothers are usually women," said the Spook. "And mothers are usually quite trustworthy, as long as your their son. Otherwise look out!“
Revenge of the Witch

„How can you be lonely? You've got yourself, haven't you? If you ever lose yourself, then you'll really be lonely...“ Revenge of the Witch

„He who never makes a mistake never makes anything. It's part of learning the job.“ Revenge of the Witch

„Have faith in who you are. Believe that you will recover, and it will truly happen. And don't judge yourself too harshly. Some things are meant to be, and you had to fall so that later you may rise and become what you are truly meant to be.“ Clash of the Demons

„You never know just what you can do until you try.“ Revenge of the Witch

„Human beings have hope. Not matter how desperate things are, they convince themselves that they can change things for the better."

- John Gregory (Clash of the Demons)“
The Spook's Sacrifice

„Why does it have to be like this?' I asked bitterly. 'Why does life have to be so short, with all the good things passing quickly. Is it worth living at all?“ Night of the Soul Stealer

„None of us are either all good or all bad – we’re all somewhere in between – but there comes a moment in each life when we take an important step, either toward the light or toward the dark…“ Attack of the Fiend

„Be less than what you are so that you can become more.“ The Spook's Sacrifice

„He who never makes a mistake, never makes anything.“ Revenge of the Witch

„I watched the tears run down her cheeks and start to drip from the end of her chin. One part of me wanted to put my arms round her but I daren't. Do that and I'd never be able to let her go.“ The Spook's Mistake

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