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Kathleen McGowan

Datum narození: 22. březen 1963

Kathleen McGowan je americká spisovatelka.

Citáty Kathleen McGowan

„Dějiny nejsou to, co se stalo, dějiny jsou to, co bylo napsáno.“

„And remember this most of all: when it is darkest, that is when you can see the stars most clearly.“ The Poet Prince

„That the stars guide us, but do not compel us. It is our free will that determines the outcome of all things. God does impose his will on us, rather he makes it known and allows us to choose if we will follow it.“ The Poet Prince

„The stars remind us every night that we have the opportunity to create heaven on earth. from The Expected One“

„History is not what happened but what is written down“ The Expected One

„The pure perfect truth of life is that we are here to create heaven on earth, to bring the perfection of what is above down to us, and in doing so to become transformed as human being into something great and beautiful.“ The Poet Prince

„Perhaps it is our obligation to be noble before it is our obligation to be happy.“ The Poet Prince

„For love that is not requited in equal measure is not love at all; it is not sacred. And holding on to the ideal of such love can keep us from finding the one that is true.“ The Book of Love

„Love is love. It is God-given, and a sacrament. It is not for any man to judge.“ The Poet Prince

„The only sweeter than union is reunion.“ The Poet Prince

„And whose rules will choose to you follow? God's? Or man's? You say you want to break the outmoded patterns and crate a new model? Then do it. That is part of your destiny, boy.“ The Poet Prince

„je t’ai aimé dans le passé je t’aime aujourd hui t’aimerais encore dans l’avenir Le temps revient. I have loved you before I love you today and I will love you again. The time returns.“ The Book of Love

„Anthropos. That’s a Greek word. It means to become the best human you can be.“ The Poet Prince

„If you believe that someone you know is behaving in a way that may be harmful to himself or others, you have an obligation to pray for him.“ The Source Of Miracles

„Good outweighs bad with every single positive deed that occurs on earth. This is a world made up of energy, and we have the ability to impact on that energy for good or for ill. The choice is ours, and it is a choice we make with all our actions, every day.“ The Source of Miracles: Seven Powerful Steps to Transforming Your Life Through the Lord's Prayer

„There is only one way to find your twin soul, and that is to find yourself first.“ The Poet Prince

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