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Leila Meacham

Nemáme ověřenou totožnost tohoto autora, nemusí se jednat o slavnou osobu.

Leila Meacham - chybí nám detailnější popis autora.

Citáty Leila Meacham

„Láska by neměla přicházet na mladý, jenom starý jsou dost moudrý, aby ji zvládli.“

„I'm learning not to hope for what I can't control...“ Roses

„Don't be afraid to let it go. Releasing hate does not make you forget what you want always to remember. It does not mean reconciliation.“ Tumbleweeds

„A small part of the South not yet gone with the wind.“ Roses

„The pathway to hell was paved with good intentions, but what about the wrongs committed for the right reasons? Were they included as well? Life had taught him that anything that starts wrong, ends wrong. In this case, he supposed that only time and its unpredictable mercies would tell. - Percy“ Roses

„How many more burdens do you think you can bear alone? How many more years can I go on alone, without you? Our days are filled from dawn to dusk, honey, but our lives are empty.“ Roses

„It was more as if they recognize they were two halves of a whole who'd found their missing.
Matt and Rachel“

„He ragarded her in surprise. This was a different tune from the one he'd expected to hear, certainly a change from the verse she'd sung when he was a boy. Commitment to ones' name, to one's heritage, to that which the sacrifices of others had made possible -- that was the song he used to hear from Aunt Mary.
"Yes, I do," she said, "If I've learned anything by now, it's that some things are too priceless to sacrifice for a name." - Mary and William“

„Memory could be a terrible thing.. an instrument of torture that persists in its work long after a man has suffered his time upon the rack.“ Roses

„silence. Finally, he said, “So you and“ Roses

„Better to know defeat from courage“ Somerset

„said made her even more special. Even so, to avoid any unpleasantness that could develop, friends and family never referred to the adoption, so that in time the fact of it was almost forgotten or never known. But“ Titans

„Better to know defeat from courage than safety through chickenheartedness.“ Somerset

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