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Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah

Datum narození: 16. listopad 1935
Datum úmrtí: 4. červenec 2010


Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Hussain Fadlallah was a prominent but controversial Shia cleric from a Lebanese family, but born in Najaf, Iraq, Fadlallah studied Islam in Najaf before moving to Lebanon in 1952. In the following decades, he gave many lectures, engaged in intense scholarship, wrote dozens of books, founded several Islamic religious schools, and established the Mabarrat Association. Through the aforementioned association he established a public library, a women's cultural center, and a medical clinic.

Fadlallah was sometimes called the "spiritual mentor" of Hezbollah in the media, although this was disputed by other sources. He was also the target of several assassination attempts, including a car bombing in Beirut in 1985.His death was followed by a huge turnout in Lebanon, visits by virtually all major political figures across the Lebanese spectrum, and statements of condolence from across the greater Middle East region; but it also led to controversy in the west and a denunciation in Israel.

Citáty Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah


„America does not seek good for Islam, for the Muslims, and for the repressed.“

—  Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah
The CIA is Behind Terror Attacks in Iraq March 2004.

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