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Richard Burton

Datum narození: 10. listopad 1925
Datum úmrtí: 5. srpen 1984

Richard Burton, rozený jako Richard Walter Jenkins , byl známý britský divadelní a filmový herec. Také se věnoval například recitaci či audionahrávkám. Sedmkrát byl nominován na Oscara, ale ani jednou ho nezískal. Wikipedia

„The Welsh are all actors. It's only the bad ones who become professional.“

—  Richard Burton

In The Little Book of Wales, The History Press, 1 May 2013, p. 56

„This diamond has so many carats it's almost a turnip.“

—  Richard Burton

In Olivia St. Claire Sex Devotional: 365 Days of Passion, Positions, and Pure Pleasure, Adams Media, 18 November 2009, p. 309
The diamond weighing 69.4 carats was gifted by Burton to Elizabeth Taylor on her fortieth birthday, which she later sold after her divorce for $5 million to fund a hospital in Botswana.

„If you're a bad actor, you don't get hired. But if you're a bad doctor, you can still practice medicine.“

—  Richard Burton

In Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor: The Love Letters. How drinking cocooned them from pressure of fame. Without it, they couldn't even make love, Mail Online, 7 June 2010

„Richard Burton is now my epitaph, my cross, my title, my image. I have achieved a kind of diabolical fame. It has nothing to do with my talents as an actor. That counts for little now. I am the diabolically famous Richard Burton.“

—  Richard Burton

Interview in 1963 quoted In Robert Andrews The New Penguin Dictionary of Modern Quotations, Penguin UK, 30 October 2003, p. 259

„If you're going to make rubbish, be the best rubbish in it.“

—  Richard Burton

In Gene N Landrum Paranoia & Power: Fear & Fame of Entertainment Icons, Morgan James Publishing, 1 November 2007, p. 225

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„When I played drunks I had to remain sober because I didn't know how to play them when I was drunk.“

—  Richard Burton

In Mark Pollman Bottled Wisdom: Over 1,000 Spirited Quotations & Anecdotes, Wildstone Media, 1 January 1998, p. 146,

„I might run from her for a thousand years and she is still my baby child. Our love is so furious that we burn each other out.“

—  Richard Burton

In Katharine Viner The Guardian Year 2006, Random House, 2007, p. 287

„I'm afraid we are temporarily out in the cold, and fallen stars. What is remarkable is that we have stayed up there for so long.“

—  Richard Burton

In "Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor: The Love Letters. How drinking cocooned them from pressure of fame. Without it, they couldn't even make love."
The reason for this was the low-budget movies made by new kids on the block that were making money.

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