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Robert Benchley

Datum narození: 15. září 1889
Datum úmrtí: 21. listopad 1945
Další jména: Robert Charles Benchley

Robert Benchley byl americký humorista a herec.

„Pes naučí vaše dítě věrnosti, vytrvalosti a třikrát se zatočit před ulehnutím.“

„V Americe jsou dvě cestovní třídy – první a s dětmi.

„Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back and, instead of bleeding, he sings.“

„The surest way to make a monkey of a man is to quote him.“ My Ten Years in a Quandary and How They Grew

„It took me fifteen years to discover that I had no talent for writing, but I couldn't give it up because by that time I was too famous.“

„Drawing on my fine command of the English language, I said nothing.“

„There are two kinds of travel: first class and with children.“ Pluck and Luck

„A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down.“

„Anyone can do any amount of work provided it isn't the work he is supposed to be doing at the moment.“

„There are two kinds of people in the world, those who believe there are two kinds of people in the world and those who don't.“

„I have tried to know absolutely nothing about a great many things, and I have succeeded fairly well.“

„The only cure for a real hangover is death.“

„Central Park is the grandiose symbol of the front yard each child in New York hasn't got.“

„The free-lance writer is one who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps.“

„We are constantly being surprised that people did things well before we were born.“

„Most of the arguments to which I am party fall somewhat short of being impressive, owing to the fact that neither I nor my opponent knows what we are talking about.“

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