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Stephen Baxter

Datum narození: 13. listopad 1957

Stephen Baxter je britský autor hard science fiction. Vystudoval matematiku a strojařství.

„The fault is all ours. We have become overwhelming. About one in twenty of all the people who have ever existed is alive today, compared to just one in a thousand of other species. As a result we are depleting the earth.
But even now the question is still asked: Does it really matter? So we lose a few cute mammals, and a lot of bugs nobody ever heard of. So what? We’re still here.
Yes, we are. But the ecosystem is like a vast life-support machine. It is built on the interaction of species on all scales of life, from the humblest fungi filaments that sustain the roots of plants to the tremendous global cycles of water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. Darwin’s entangled bank, indeed. How does the machine stay stable? We don’t know. Which are its most important components? We don’t know. How much of it can we take out safely? We don’t know that either. Even if we could identify and save the species that are critical for our survival, we wouldn’t know which species they depend on in turn. But if we keep on our present course, we will soon find out the limits of robustness.
I may be biased, but I believe it will matter a great deal if we were to die by our own foolishness. Because we bring to the world something that no other creature in all its long history has had, and that is conscious purpose. We can think our way out of this.
So my question is—consciously, purposefully, what are we going to do?“

—  Stephen Baxter, kniha Evolution

Zdroj: Evolution (2002), Chapter 16 “An Entangled Bank” section I (pp. 509-510)

„In his reliance on evidence, preferably obtained at first hand, Hutton was showing the way to the geological methods of the future.“

—  Stephen Baxter

Zdroj: Ages in Chaos (2003), Chapter 8, “A cursed country where one has to shape everything out of a block” (p. 70)

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„What makes you think anybody with power will listen to a bunch of scientists? They never have before.“

—  Stephen Baxter, kniha Evolution

Zdroj: Evolution (2002), Chapter 16 “An Entangled Bank” section I (p. 513)

„For the genes it made sense, of course. Otherwise it would not have happened.“

—  Stephen Baxter, kniha Evolution

Zdroj: Evolution (2002), Chapter 18 “The Kingdom of the Rats” section III (p. 597)

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“

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