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Victoria Alexander

Datum narození:1965

Victoria Alexander je autorka.

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„You and I have found something few people ever do. Do you not understand, Matthew? I refuse to let your misguided nobility keep us apart. My life as a princess, or a peasant, is not worth living without you in it."
"And mine is without you? I'm willing to go to Avalonia and be your blasted lapdog, if that will keep you in my life. Damn it all, Tatiana, I love you. I have loved you from the moment you went up in my balloon. From the moment I saw the tilt of your smile and the spark in your green eyes. From the first lie to the last, I have loved you. And I love you now!"
"Then do stop screaming at me!"
"I am not screaming! I am..." He stopped abruptly and blew a long, frustrated breath.
Stark.... raving... mad."
"I suspected as much." The corners of her lips twitched as if she were about to laugh. His heart leapt.
He stared at her for a long moment. "Can you forgive me?"
"Never." She shrugged. "Perhaps. Possibly. Someday. Years from now."
"After a great deal of groveling, I imagine?" He raised a brow. "Begging, beseeching, pleading and so forth as well, no doubt?"
"Without question."
"And how long do you expect the groveling, begging, beseeching and so forth would continue?" He started around the table toward her.
"A lifetime should do." She cast him, and any lingering doubt he had vanished.
"I see. Exactly where will I be doing this groveling, begging and beseeching?" He reached her and pulled her into his arms and back into his life.
"Do not forget the so forth." She stared defiantly up at him.
"I would never forget the so forth." He bent and kissd the hollow of her throat. "The so forth has always been my favorite part. Now, where?“

— Victoria Alexander
Her Highness, My Wife

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