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Aharon Appelfeld

Datum narození: 16. únor 1932

Aharon Appelfeld je izraelský spisovatel.

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„Holocaust náleží k takovému druhu zkušenosti, u níž je jedinec nakonec odsouzen k mlčení. I ta nejlepší možná odpověď se zdá být triviální. Pro mě není holocaust jen součástí historie, ale také součástí života mnoha lidí, stejně jako mého vlastního. A nakonec i metaforou pro to minulé století.“

„Over time I learned that objects and animals are true friends. In the forest I was surrounded by trees, bushes, birds, and small animals. I was not afraid of them. I was sure that they would do nothing harmful to me. I became familiar with cows and with horses, and they provided me with a warmth that has remained with me to this very day. Sometimes it seemed to me that what saved me were the animals I encountered along the way, not the human beings.“ The Story of a Life

„Wenn man keine Sprache hat, ist alles Durcheinander, und man hat Angst vor Dingen, von denen man sich nicht zu fürchten braucht. In dieser Zeit stotterten die meisten der Kinder um mich herum, sprachen laut oder verschluckten die Wörter. Wenn man keine Sprache hat, offenbart sich der nackte Charakter. Die Vielredner unter uns wurden noch lauter, und die in sich gekehrten verschluckten ihre Stimme. Ohne Muttersprache ist der Mensch verstümmelt.“ Geschichte eines Lebens

„Ich konnte noch nicht einmal Zeuge sein, erinnerte mich nicht an die Namen von Menschen und Orten, nur an Dunkel, an Geräusche und Bewegungen. Erst später verstand ich, dass ebendieses Rohmaterial die Essenz der Literatur war, dass man aus ihm eine innere Geschichte, eine Art Legende formen konnte. Ich sage “innere”, den damals wurden Chroniken hoch geachtet, als enthielten sie die Wahrheit. Der innere Ausdruck war noch nicht geboren.“ Geschichte eines Lebens

„Someone who was an adult during the war took in and remembered places and individuals, and at the end of the war he could sit and recall them, or talk about them. (As he would no doubt continue to do till the end of his life.) With us children, however, it was not names that were sunk into memory, but something completely different. For a child, memory is a reservoir that doesn’t empty. It’s replenished over the years, clarified. It’s not a chronological recollection, but overflowing and changing, if I may put it that way.“ The Story of a Life

„Había días en que las pesadillas lo perseguían, y por la mañana se levantaba y no recordaba nada. Ya había aprendido que un sueño que se olvida por la mañana no desaparece, se esconde y escarba en secreto, y que hay sueños olvidados que salen a la superficie en mitad del día.“ Blooms of Darkness

„Le des tin des abstractions est de s'accrocher à vous un instant puis de disparaître. Seuls les mots qui sont des images demeurent. Le reste est un brin de paille. Pourtant il me fallut des années pour me libérer des érudits, de leur tutelle, de leur sourire supérieur, et revenir à mes amis fidèles qui savaient qu'un homme n'est rien d'autre qu'une pelote de faiblesses et de peurs.“ Tzili: The Story of a Life

„In diesen Jahren hatte ich in Israel keine Menschenseele. Doch solche verborgenen Gerechten erschienen gerade in den Momenten, in denen die Verzweiflung mich unterzukriegen drohte.
Ich bin dem einmal nachgegangen. Jeder, der den Krieg überlebte, überlebte ihn dank eines Menschen, der ihm in grosser Gefahr Halt gab. Gott haben wir in den Lagern nicht gesehen, gute Menschen schon. Die alte jüdische Legende, dass die Welt nur dank einiger weniger Gerechten besteht, stimmte damals genau wie heute.“
Geschichte eines Lebens

„During the war, I honed my sense of suspicion into a fine art. Before approaching a house, a stable, or a barn, I would bend down to the ground and listen, sometimes for hours. By the sounds, I could tell if there were people there, and how many. People were always a sign of danger.“ The Story of a Life

„One night I heard one of the refugees say, “There are atrocities that one should not speak about.”
“Why?” wondered another refugee.
“I can’t explain it to you.”
“You have to speak about everything, so that everyone will know what they did to us.”
“I’m not going to argue with you.”
“If we won’t be witnesses, who will bear witness?”
“They won’t believe us, anyway.“
The Story of a Life

„Only much later did I understand that this raw material is the very marrow of literature, and that, from it, it’s possible to create an interior narrative. I say “interior” because at that time chronicles were considered to be where truth was to be found. “Interior” expression had not yet been born.“ The Story of a Life

„Words are powerless when confronted by catastrophe; they're pitiable, wretched, and easily distorted“

„I spent much of the war flat on the ground, listening. Among other things, I learned to listen to the birds. They are remarkable harbingers, not only of imminent rain, but also of bad people and wild beasts.“ The Story of a Life

„I remember the school janitors who supervised the schoolyard. Cold and cunning, they were the supreme arbiters and would instill fear in everyone. If a child got out of control, they would tie him up and give him ten lashes. After receiving his punishment, the child had to kiss the hand of the one who had lashed him, say, “As you command, Father,” and then leave the area. This ritual was repeated several times a week.“ The Story of a Life

„I didn't see her die, but I did hear her one and only scream“

„Because I spent a large part of the war in villages, in fields, by riverbanks, and in forests, this greenness is imprinted on me, and whenever I remove my shoes and step on the grass, I immediately remember the pastures and the dappled animals scattered over the endless space. And then a fear of these open spaces returns to me. My legs feel tense, and for a moment it seems to me that I’ve made a mistake. I’m still in the war, and I have to beat a retreat to the outer edges of the forest, running and ducking, because the outer edges provide more safety. At the edges of the forest you can see without being seen.“ The Story of a Life

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