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Daniel Pennac

Datum narození: 1. prosinec 1944

Daniel Pennac je francouzský spiosvatel.

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„Sloveso číst nestrpí rozkazovací způsob. Tuto nechuť sdílí s několika dalšími: se slovesem "milovat"... nebo například "snít"...“ Comme un roman

„Jak skvělí jsme bývali pedagogové, když jsme se o pedagogiku pranic nestarali!“ Comme un roman

„Reader's Bill of Rights

1. The right to not read

2. The right to skip pages

3. The right to not finish

4. The right to reread

5. The right to read anything

6. The right to escapism

7. The right to read anywhere

8. The right to browse

9. The right to read out loud

10. The right to not defend your tastes“

„A well-chosen book saves you from everything, including yourself.“ The Rights of the Reader

„Time spent reading, like time spent loving, increases our lifetime.“ Better than Life

„If you`re wondering how you`ll find time, it means you don`t really want to read. Because nobody`s ever got time. Children certainly haven`t, nor have teenagers or grown-ups. Life always gets in the way. <...>
Time to read is always time stolen. <...>
Stolen from what?
From the tyranny of living.”- p.125“

„We keep quiet about what we read. Our enjoyment of a book remains a jealously guarded secret. Perhaps because there`s no need to talk, or because it takes time to distill what we've read before we can say anything. Silence is our guarantee of intimacy. We might have finished reading but we`re still living
the book.“

„The paradoxical virtue of reading lies in distancing ourselves from the world so that we may make sense of it.“ Comme un roman

„Le nostre ragioni di leggere sono strane quanto le nostre ragioni di vivere. E nessuno è autorizzato a chiederci conto di questa intimità.“ Comme un roman

„We human beings build houses because we're alive but we write books because we're mortal. We live in groups because we're sociable but we read because we know we're alone. Reading offers a kind of companionship that takes no one's place but that no one can replace either. It offers no definitive explanation of our destiny but links us inextricably to life. Its tiny secret links remind us of how paradoxically happy we are to be alive while illuminating how tragically absurd life is.“

„... dove trovare il tempo per leggere?
grave problema.
che non esiste.
nel momento in cui mi pongo il problema del tempo per leggere, vuol dire che quel che manca è la voglia. poiché, a ben vedere, nessuno ha mai tempo per leggere. né i piccoli, né gli adolescenti, né i grandi. la vita è un perenne ostacolo alla lettura.
"leggere? vorrei tanto, ma il lavoro, i bambini, la casa, non ho più tempo..."
"come la invidio, lei, che ha tempo per leggere!"
e perché questa donna, che lavora, fa la spesa, si occupa dei bambini, guida la macchina, ama tre uomini, frequenta il dentista, trasloca la settimana prossima, trova il tempo per leggere, e quel casto scapolo che vive di rendita, no?
il tempo per leggere è sempre tempo rubato. (come il tempo per scrivere, d'altronde, o il tempo per amare.)
rubato a cosa?
diciamo, al dovere di vivere.
[... ]
il tempo per leggere, come il tempo per amare, dilata il tempo per vivere.“

„I have never experienced a sorrow that was not relieved by an hour of reading.“ Comme un roman

„When you buy a jacket, it’s important the pockets are big enough for a paperback!“ Comme un roman

„Once a book falls into our possession, it is ours, the same way children lay their claim: 'That's my book.' As if it were organically part of them. That must be why we have so much trouble returning borrowed books. It's not exactly theft (of course not, we're not thieves, what are you implying?); it's simply a slippage in ownership or, better still, a transfer of substance. That which belonged to someone else becomes mine when I look at it. And if I like what I read, naturally I'll have difficulty giving it back.“ Better Than Life

„Since the dawn of education, the student considered as normal has been the student who puts up the least resistance to teaching, the one who doesn't call our knowledge into question or put our competency to the test, a student who already knows a lot, who is gifted with instant comprehension, who spares us searching for the access roads to his grey matter, a student with a natural urge to learn, who can stop being a kid in turmoil or a teenager with problems during our lessons, a student convinced from the cradle that he has to curb his appetites and emotions by exercising his reason if he doesn't want to live in a jungle filled with predators, a student confident that the intellectual life is a source of infinite pleasures that can be refined to the extreme when most other pleasures are doomed to monotonous repetition - in short, a student who has understod that knowledge is the only answer: the answer to the slavery in which ignorance wants to keep us, the sole consolation for our ontological loneliness.“ Chagrin d'école

„Quel che abbiamo letto di più bello lo dobbiamo quasi sempre a una persona cara. Ed è a una persona cara che subito ne parleremo. Forse proprio perché la peculiarità del sentimento, come del desiderio di leggere, è il fatto di preferire. Amare vuol dire, in ultima analisi, far dono delle nostre preferenze a coloro che preferiamo. E queste preferenze condivise popolano l'invisibile cittadella della nostra libertà. Noi siamo abitati da libri e da amici.“ Comme un roman

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