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Hakan Nesser

Datum narození: 21. únor 1950

Håkan Nesser je současný autor severské krimi prózy. Třikrát získal cenu za nejlepší švédskou detektivku a v roce 2000 se stal držitelem prestižního ocenění Glass Key. V současnosti žije Håkan Nesser s ženou a dětmi v Londýně a je úspěšným spisovatelem na volné noze.

Citáty Hakan Nesser

„Larssonovo Švédsko nemá nic společného se Švédskem, tak jak ho znám já. Když ale začnete rýt trochu hlouběji, začne se to dříve nebo později zatemňovat. Bez ohledu na to, v které půdě nebo zemi ryjete. “

„We are closer to the end of the world than to that minute that has just passed by, because that is lost forever.“ Mind's Eye

„You will find out who you are when the difficult moment comes.“ Mind's Eye

„It's not easy being human. Especially when you are tired and overworked all the time... That's when you become inhuman.“ Münsters Fall

„Imagine a twelve-year-old-girl.
Imagine her being attacked, raped and murdered.
Take your time.
Then imagine God.

M. Barin, poet“
The Inspector and Silence

„.. chaos is the neighbour of God: but everything's usually neat and tidy in hell...“

„A crime is born in the gap between the morality of society and that of the individual.“

„The dead are older than the living, he thought. Irrespective of how old they were when they passed over to the other side, they have experienced something which makes them older than any living thing.“

„Words and form! We have a totally clear view of the world when we're fourteen years old, maybe sooner. But then we need another fifty years in order to create a language that can express those impressions. And in the mean time, of course, they've faded away.“

„The living must look after one another, he thought. The worst possible outcome is to die without having lived.“

„Everybody must have a story. For those who don't, we need to invent one.“ Münsters Fall / Der unglückliche Mörder

„The ritual works. The forms overcome doubts. We have learned over the centuries to weave meaning around emptiness and pain. A meaning and a pattern. We have been practising that for a very long time.“ Der unglückliche Mörder

„Shitty weather. You wonder how people can raise the strength to go out and kill one another.“ Mind's Eye

„Did there come a point, beyond which we no longer look forward to something coming, but only to getting away from what had passed?“ Borkmann's Point

„There are reasons for everything we do.“

„The waves dying a natural death on the beach seemed to have traveled vast distances bearing neither life nor hope.“

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