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Jonathan Lethem

Datum narození: 19. únor 1964

Jonathan Allen Lethem je americký spisovatel. Narodil se v Brooklynu v New Yorku do rodiny avantgardního malíře a politické aktivistky. V češtině mu vyšla kniha Sirotci z Brooklynu , detektivní příběh, který v roce 1999 získal cenu National Book Critics Circle Award. Mezi jeho další knihy patří Gun, with Occasional Music, kniha která kombinuje prvky sci-fi a detektivního příběhu nebo The Fortress of Solitude. Lethem je znám také díky svým esejům a krátkým povídkám.

„Spojil citlivost dětských knih, undergroundový komiks, absurdní poezii, pop music, Mad Magazine, sci-fi.... o Richardu Brautiganovi“

„Insomnia is a variant of Tourette's--the waking brain races, sampling the world after the world has turned away, touching it everywhere, refusing to settle, to join the collective nod. The insomniac brain is a sort of conspiracy theorist as well, believing too much in its own paranoiac importance--as though if it were to blink, then doze, the world might be overrun by some encroaching calamity, which its obsessive musings are somehow fending off.“ Motherless Brooklyn

„I want what we all want," said Carl. "To move certain parts of the interior of myself into the exterior world, to see if they can be embraced.“ You Don't Love Me Yet

„Those promises we make to ourselves when we are younger, about how we mean to conduct our adult lives, can it be true we break every last one of them? All except for one, I suppose: the promise to judge ourselves by those standards, the promise to remember the child who would be so appalled by compromise, the child who would find jadedness wicked.“

„What age is a black boy when he learns he's scary?“ The Fortress of Solitude

„Listen to me. I’m shy. I’m not stupid. I can’t meet people’s eyes. I don’t know if you understand what that’s like. There’s a whole world going on around me, I’m aware of that. It’s not because I don’t want to look at you, Lucinda. It’s that I don’t want to be seen.“ You Don't Love Me Yet

„You can't be deep without a surface“ You Don't Love Me Yet

„As I get older I find that the friendships that are the most certain, ultimately, are the ones where you and the other person have made substantial amounts of money for one another.“ Men and Cartoons: Stories

„Someday I'd change my name to Shut Up and save everybody a lot of time.“ Motherless Brooklyn

„You could grow up in the city where history was made and still miss it all.“ The Fortress of Solitude

„Every room I've lived in since I was given my own room at eleven was lined with, and usually overfull of, books. My employment in bookstores was always continuous with my private hours: shelving and alphabetizing, building shelves, and browsing-- in my collection and others-- in order to understand a small amount about the widest possible number of books. Such numbers of books are constantly acquired that constant culling is necessary; if I slouch in this discipline, the books erupt. I've also bricked myself in with music--vinyl records, then compact discs. My homes have been improbably information-dense, like capsules for survival of a nuclear war, or models of the interior of my own skull. That comparison--room as brain-- is one I've often reached for in describing the rooms of others, but it began with the suspicion that I'd externalized my own brain, for anyone who cared to look.“ The Disappointment Artist

„I learned to write fiction the way I learned to read fiction - by skipping the parts that bored me.“

„Dylan's friend Linus Millberg appears out of the crowd with a cup of beer and shouts, 'Dorothy is John Lennon, the Scarecrow is Paul McCartney, the Tin Woodman is George Harrison, the Lion's Ringo.'
',' commands Dylan over the lousy twangy country CB's is playing between sets.
'Easy,' Linus shouts back. "Kirk's John, Spock's Paul, Bones is George, Scotty is Ringo. Or Chekov, after the first season. Doesn't matter, it's like a Scotty-Chekov-combination Ringo. Spare parts are always surplus Georges or Ringos.'
'But isn't Spock-lacks-a-heart and McCoy-lacks-a-brain like Woodman and Scarecrow? So Dorothy's Kirk?'
'You don't get it. That's just a superficial coincidence. The Beatle thing is an, it's like the basic human formation. Everything naturally forms into a Beatles, people can't help it.'
'Say the types again.'
'Responsible-parent genius-parent genius-child clown-child.'
'Okay, do Star Wars.'
'Luke, Han Solo, Chewbacca, the robots.'
'Uh, Johnny Carson, the guest, Ed McMahon, whatisname.'
'Doc Severinson.'
'Yeah, right. See, everything revolves around John, even Paul. That's why John's the guest.'
'And Severinson's quiet but talented, like a Wookie.'
'You begin to understand.“
The Fortress of Solitude

„There were days when no kid came out of his house without looking around. The week after Halloween had a quality both hungover and ominous, the light pitched, the sky smashed against the rooftops.“ The Fortress of Solitude

„Some people have things written all over their faces; the big guy had a couple of words misspelled in crayon on his.“ Gun, With Occasional Music

„... Don't rupture another's illusion unless you're positive the alternative you offer is more worthwhile than that from which you're wrenching them. Interrogate your solipsism: Does it offer any better a home than the delusions you're reaching to shatter?“ Chronic City

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