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Nic Kelman

Datum narození: 12. červenec 1971

Nic Kelman je americký spisovatel.

Citáty Nic Kelman

„Na svůj život můžeš zapomenout jen ve společnosti lidí, kteří nejsou jeho součástí.“

„It's because they don't understand good sex has nothing to do with equality.“ girls

„And if they don't like it if you use those words and they stop moving put their hand on your mouth say "Don't say thatdon't use that wordI don't like it " if they say they don't want to try being handcuffed to the towel rack in the bathroom they're never any good in bed. They may be nice. They may be witty charming etc. etc. They may be doing something for women's liberation (over what? over whom?). But they're never any good in bed.“ girls

„The wildest friend, the one you once saw walk up to a boy of about five or six who’d been left alone for a minute and say, “Did you know your mom’s fucking hot?” that one, that friend. He’s always the one who falls the hardest. He’s always the one who disappears the most completely when he finds a woman that will put up with him.“ girls

„All told, in the United States, the sex industry grosses more than the domestic revenue of the tobacco and alcohol industries put together. All told, the American male spends more money annually per capita on the sex industry than on taking his wife to the movies and buying video games for his children. All told, the American male is clearly not getting what he wants at home.“ girls

„She gives you a ring or a bracelet that says “Peace,” or, “Dream more.” And you wear it. You wear it even though your friends see it and say, “What the hell is that?” and, embarrassed, because you know exactly how ridiculous it is, you say, “She gave it to me,” and then they say, “Oh,” and leave it at that because now it makes sense. Yes, you wear it all the time. But you know it will not work. That is what she is for.“ girls

„you just wanted her to say, “I know what that’s like.” But of course, she can’t say that, will never say that. And if she ever could then you could no longer be with her. Then you would both be tired. Then she would be a better friend, but a worse lover.“ girls

„when they become informed, they become tired like you, jaded.“ girls

„In the earning of things you have lost the ability to enjoy them.“ girls

„You never discuss your business with them, never talk about the thing that occupies most of your thoughts and time, not just because they won’t understand, not just because they will find it boring, not just because, in their naiveté, they will criticize you for your practices, for winning, for generating the wealth they are enjoying at that very moment, but because it will pollute them, make them dirty, just as it did with that first one, that one you kept around the longest, that one you mistook for love.“ girls

„You still said things like that then, still bothered trying to be clever.“ girls

„so why with a potential boyfriend does she think it’s OK not only to let him pay, but to start off their entire relationship that way?“ girls

„That undamaged part of her was so small, it was only good for one night.“ girls

„They know it doesn’t matter if they are fast, only if they are faster.“ girls

„and you just keep saying, uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah, because you’ve heard all this before, you’ve already been where he’s been, because he’s telling you about a town you know like the back of your hand.“ girls

„You always seem to be moving. You always seem to be in planes or cars, always going from one place to another where you sit and talk for an hour or two and then move on. You spend months at a time away from any of your houses. You’re always taking vitamins, herbal supplements, always terrified you’re going to get sick, terrified you’re not going to be able to make a meeting, appear before a major shareholder. So the last thing you want to do when you do reach somewhere you can call your own, when you do have a second to just sit still and do nothing, the last thing you want to do is anything.“ girls

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