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Ridley Pearson

Datum narození: 13. březen 1953

Ridley Pearson je americký spisovatel.

Citáty Ridley Pearson

„Tohle není žádná fantazie pana Poea
o dívce, která zapaluje školy,
o psu, který se chová jak posedlý,
ani o velkém kyvadlu, jenž přetíná lidi vejpůl.“
Deník Ellen Rimbauerové

„V roce 1946 zmizela při jednom večírku v domě Růží jedna z největších filmových hereček té doby Deana Petrie.“ Deník Ellen Rimbauerové

„Always trust computer games.“

„Smee, you are a supreme idjit."
"Aye, Cap'n.“

„If you don't believe in yourself, who will?' ~Maybeck“ Disney after Dark

„The boys had asked why, if it acted slowly, was it called quicksand. The Mollusks had replied that, as far as they were concerned, most English names for things were silly. The word that they used for quicksand was a deep grunt that translated roughly to "uh-oh.“ Peter and the Shadow Thieves

„What do you care more about? The kids or your hair?“ Disney at Dawn

„Who's Chernabog?" Grumbled Maybeck.
Philby answered,"Only the most powerful villian Walt Disney ever created.“
Disney at Dawn

„There's a fine line between imagination and reality. An inventor dreams something up, and pretty soon, it's there on the table before him. A science-fiction writer envisions another world, and then some space probe finds it. If you believe in something strongly enough, I think you can make it happen.“ Disney after Dark

„Being a fiction writer is really like being an actor, because if you're going to write convincingly it has to sound right and play right. The only way that works is to emotionally and technically act out and see the scene you're in.
There's no better job in the world, because when I sit down at that computer I'm the world's best forensics expert, if that's what I'm writing about that day. Or I'm some crazed psycho running down a dark alley.
Or I'm a gorgeous woman looking to find a man that night. Whatever! But I'm all of those things, every day. How can you beat that?“

„Be careful what you wear to bed, because you never know where you might wake up.“ Disney at Dawn

„Especially with four insanely angry, sword-carrying pirates bearing down on you, followed closely by an alien with a genetic malfunction that posed like Elvis Presley and looked slightly like a cross between a koala and a cuddly dog.“ Disney in Shadow

„He likes you, too." Finn repeated. "And don't tell me to shut up."
"Shut up!"
-Kingdom Keepers, Shell Game“

„Wayne was one of the worst drivers Finn had ever met. The bus nearly sideswiped two cars, then veered left and scraped its wheels against the curb, before smashing back down the roadway.“ Disney after Dark

„Jez had gone from an evil twin to a sweet, even angelic, girl, all in less than a minute.“ Disney at Dawn

„What is that in his hand?"
"A cleaver. As in-"
"Butcher's knife."
"You got it."
"I hope not."
"He does not look happy."
"Are you sure it's a he?"
"I don't want to know.“

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