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Ross Macdonald

Datum narození: 13. prosinec 1915
Datum úmrtí: 11. červenec 1983

Ross Macdonald, americký spisovatel, autor detektivních románů.

„Nepamatuje se. Má tu pohodlnou paměť, co muži mívají. Vymaže cokoliv, co nevyhovuje jeho bezúhonné představě o sobě samém.“

„Někteří stráví celý svůj život hledáním způsobů, jak se potrestat za to, že se narodili.“

„The walls of books around him, dense with the past, formed a kind of insulation against the present world and its disasters.“

„There was nothing wrong with Southern California that a rise in the ocean level wouldn't cure.“ The Drowning Pool

„Chandler wrote like a slumming angel and invested the sun-blinded streets of Los Angeles with a romantic presence.“

„She was trouble looking for somebody to happen to.“ The Wycherly Woman

„The past was filling the room like a tide of whispers.“ The Instant Enemy

„He had pink butterfly ears. The rest of him was still in the larval stage.“ The Drowning Pool

„It was some time since I had gone to sleep in the same room with a girl. Of course, the room was large and reasonably well-lighted, and the girl had other things than me on her mind.“ The Blue Hammer

„I used to think the world was divided into good people and bad people, that you could pin responsibility for evil on certain definite people and punish the guilty. I’m still going through the motions.“ The Moving Target

„No one looks at the mountains. But they were there, making them all look silly.“ The Moving Target

„I like a little danger. Tame danger, controlled by me. It gives me a sense of power, I guess, to take my life in my hands and know damn well I’m not going to lose it.“ The Moving Target

„I felt like a lonely cat, an aging tom ridden by obscure rage, looking for torn-ear trouble. I clipped that pitch off short and threw it away. Night streets were my territory, and would be till I rolled in the last gutter.“ The Drowning Pool

„I have a secret passion for mercy. But justice is what keeps happening to people.“ The Goodbye Look

„People are trying so hard to live through their children. And the children keep trying so hard to live up to their parents, or live them down. Everybody's living through or for or against somebody else. It doesn't make too much sense, and it isn't working too well.“ The Far Side of the Dollar

„All you men still have the Victorian hangover. I suppose you think woman’s place is in the home, too?”
“Not my home.“
The Moving Target

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