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Sarah Watersová

Datum narození: 21. červenec 1966

Sarah Watersová je britská spisovatelka, autorka románů s lesbickou tematikou z období viktoriánské Anglie jako například Špičkou jazyka a Zlodějka .

Citáty Sarah Watersová

„Viktoriánské romány nespěchají, jsou pěkně pomalé, rozvíjejí jednotlivé postavy, nebojí se dramatického oblouku. Myslím, že moderní próza se obává "populárního" příběhu a zabývá se raději experimenty s jazykem. “

„I barely knew I had skin before I met you.“ The Paying Guests

„The best thing to do was to brazen it out, throw your head back, walk with a swagger...“

„And perhaps there is a limit to the grieving that the human heart can do. As when one adds salt to a tumbler of water, there comes a point where simply no more will be absorbed.“ The Little Stranger

„We have a name for your disease. We call it a hyper-aesthetic one. You have been encouraged to over-indulge yourself in literature; and have inflamed your organs of fancy.“ Fingersmith

„It's a curious, wanting thing.“ Fingersmith

„I felt that thread that had come between us, tugging, tugging at my heart - so hard, it hurt me. A hundred times I almost rose, almost went in to her; a hundred times I thought, Go to her! Why are you waiting? Go back to her side! But every time, I thought of what would happen if I did. I knew that I couldn't lie beside her, without wanting to touch her. I couldn't have felt her breath upon my mouth, without wanting to kiss her. And I couldn't have kissed her, without wanting to save her.“ Fingersmith

„Being in love, you know... it's not like having a canary, in a cage. When you lose one sweetheart, you can't just go out and get another to replace her.“ Tipping the Velvet

„Why is it we can never love the people we ought to?“ The Night Watch

„When I see her,” I said, “it’s like - I don’t know what it’s like. It’s like I never saw anything at all before. It’s like I am filling up, like a wine-glass when it’s filled with wine. I watch the acts before her and they are like nothing - they’re like dust. Then she walks on the stage and - she is so pretty; and her suit is so nice; and her voice is so sweet… She makes me want to smile and weep, at once. She makes me sore, here.” I placed a hand upon my chest, upon the breast-bone. “I never saw a girl like her before. I never knew that there were girls like her…” My voice became a trembling whisper then, and I found that I could say no more. There was another silence. I opened my eyes and looked at Alice - and knew at once that I shouldn’t have spoken; that I should have been as dumb and as cunning with her as with the rest of them. There was a look on her face - it was not ambiguous at all now - a look of mingled shock, and nervousness, and embarrassment or shame. I had said too much. I felt as if my admiration for Kitty Butler had lit a beacon inside me, and opening my unguarded mouth had sent a shaft of light into the darkened room, illuminating all. I had said too much - but it was that, or say nothing.“ Tipping the Velvet

„Why do gentlemen's voices carry so clearly, when women's are so easily stifled?“ Affinity

„What does it say?" I said, when I had. She said, "It is filled with all the words for how I want you... Look.“ Fingersmith

„All unwillingly I opened my eyes - then I opened them wider, and lifted my head. The heat, my weariness, were quite forgotten. Piercing the shadows of the naked stage was a single shaft of rosy limelight, and in the centre of this there was a girl: the most marvellous girl - I knew it at once! - that I had ever seen.“

„.. this feeling haunts and inhabits me, like a sickness. it covers me, like skin.“ Fingersmith

„Respect your characters, even the ­minor ones. In art, as in life, everyone is the hero of their own particular story; it is worth thinking about what your minor characters' stories are, even though they may intersect only slightly with your protagonist's.“

„Some things are so frightful that a bit of madness is the only sane response. You know that, don’t you?“ The Paying Guests

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