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Wilbur Smith

Datum narození: 9. leden 1933

Wilbur Addison Smith je populární anglicky píšící autor dobrodružných románů.

„Afrika je divoký kontinent plný násilí. Každý, kdo se to před vámi snaží skrýt, je špatný vypravěč. Pro africké květy byla a je nejlepším hnojivem krev... Píseň slonů“

„Samota rozhlodává duši stejně jako voda skály... Kopí osudu“

„Cynici definují pomoc rozvojovým zemím jako systém, který umožňuje, aby chudí v bohatých zemích dávali peníze bohatým v zemích chudých. Píseň slonů“

„The best cure for racism is to have somebody shoot at you. Man, it does not matter then what color the arse is that comes to save yours-black or white, you're ready to give it a big fat kiss.“ Golden Fox

„It's a strange paradox that a man gifted with too many talents can fritter them all away without developing a single one to its full.“ Rage

„A man follows the path laid out for him. He does his duty to God and his King. He does what he must do, not what pleases him. God's truth, boy, what kind of world would this be if every man did what pleased him alone? Who would plough the fields and reap the harvest, if every man had the right to say, 'I don't want to do that.' In this world there is a place for every man, but every man must know his place.“ Monsoon

„beware of your most implacable enemy-yourself.“ The Leopard Hunts in Darkness

„A cynic had defined aid as simply the system by which poor white people in rich countries gave money to rich black people in poor countries to put into Swiss bank accounts.“ Elephant Song

„Sometimes it is best for men not to attempt to interfere with destiny. Our prayers can be answered in ways which we do not expect and do not welcome.“

„History is a river that never ends. Today is history, and I am here at the fountainhead.“ Rage

„They do say that socialism is the ideal philosophy-just as long as you have capitalists to pay for it.“ The Leopard Hunts in Darkness

„I was sitting in the Temple of Karnak on the Nile, as the sun was going down, and I was all alone, and the great Hypostyle Hall was full of shadows and ghosts of the past, and suddenly I heard this little voice saying "my name is Taita, write my story"… and if you believe that you'll believe anything.“ River God

„No profit was too small to despise; no loss was too small to abhor.“ Elephant Song

„Write for yourself, not for a perceived audience. If you do, you'll mostly fall flat on your face, because it's impossible to judge what people want. And you have to read. That's how you learn what is good writing and what is bad. Then the main thing is application. It's hard work.“

„I believe that there are dark and difficult days ahead, and you won't be playing for an increase in company dividens - you will be playing for the survival of a nation, and if you fail, it will mean the end of the world you know. You will not suffer alone“ Rage

„Fly for me, Bird of the Sun.“ The Sunbird

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