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Alessandro Manzoni

Datum narození: 7. březen 1785
Datum úmrtí: 22. květen 1873

Alessandro Francesco Tommaso Manzoni byl italský básník a romanopisec. Jeho nejvýznamnějším dílem je historický román po vzoru Waltera Scotta I Promessi Sposi. Román se odehrává v severní Itálii za kruté španělské nadvlády roku 1628, vyniká kromě jiného líčením morové epidemie, která v té době sužovala Milán. Román se stal jedním z nejčtenějších a nejoblíbenějších děl italské literatury, jako jeden z prvních významnějších románů se také soustřeďuje na nižší společenské vrstvy. Narodil se v Miláně, pocházel ze šlechtické rodiny. Jeho dědečkem z matčiny strany byl právník a spisovatel Cesare Beccaria.

„Kdo pozorně naslouchá, tomu vždycky srdce napoví něco o tom, co se stane.“

„Život je velké tajemství, které rozluštíme až v poslední hodině.“

„Slova mají jiný účinek v ústech a jiný v uších.“ Snoubenci

„Bullies, oppressors and all men who do violence to the rights of others are guilty not only of their own crimes, but also of the corruption they bring into the hearts of their victims.“ The Betrothed

„One of the greatest comforts of this life is friendship; and one of the comforts of friendship is that of having someone we can trust with a secret. But friendship does not pair us off into couples, as marriage does; each of us generally has more than one friend to his name, and so a chain is formed, of which no man can see the end. When we allow ourselves the comfort of depositing a secret in the bosom of a friend, we inspire him with the wish to enjoy the same comfort for himself. It is true that we always ask him not to tell anyone else; and this is a condition which, if taken literally, would break the series of comforting confidences at once. But the general practice is to regard the obligation as one which prevents a man from passing the secret on, except to an equally trusted friend and on the same condition of silence. From trusted friend to trusted friend, the secret travels and travels along an unending chain, until it reaches the ears of the very man or men from whom the first speaker meant to keep it for ever. It would generally require a long time to get there, if each of us only had two friends—one to confide the secret to us, and another to whom we can pass it on. But there are some privileged men who have hundreds of friends, and once a secret reaches one of them, its subsequent journeys are so rapid and multitudinous that no one can keep track of them.“

„I would really like, in fact, to be born again in another two hundred years' time.“ The Betrothed

„Certainly the heart has always something to tell about the future to those who listen to it. But what does the heart know? Scarce a little of what has already happened.“ The Betrothed

„A benefit of friendship is knowing whom to tell secrets to.“

„They settled the question, by deciding that misfortunes most commonly happen to us from our own misconduct or imprudence; but sometimes from causes independent of ourselves; that the most innocent and prudent conduct cannot always preserve us from them; and that, whether they arise from our own fault or not, trust in God softens them, and renders them useful in preparing us for a better life.“ The Betrothed

„Era, dico, una cosa singolare a vedere alcune di quelle capre, ritte e quiete sopra questo o quel bambino, dargli la poppa; e qualche altra accorrere a un vagito, come con senso materno, e fermarsi presso il piccolo allievo, e procuprar d’accomodarcisi sopra, e belare, e dimenarsi, quasi chiamando chi venisse in aiuto a tutt’e due.“ The Betrothed

„Dopo dodici mesi de noviziato, pieni di pentimenti e di ripentimenti, si trovò al momento della professione, al momento cioè in cui conveniva, o dire un no più strano, più inaspettatto, più scandaloso che mai, o ripetere un sí tante volte detto; lo ripeté, e fu monaca per sempre.“ The Betrothed

„Eh già!” pensava tra sé: “vedo dove vuoi andar a parare: delle solite; quando un povero frate è preso a noia da voi altri, o da uno di voi altri, o vi dà ombra, subito, senza cercar se abbia torto o ragione, il superiore deve darlo sgomberare”.“ The Betrothed

„O fossero di que’ prudenti che s’adombrano delle virtù come de’ vizi, predicando sempre che la perfezione sta nel mezzo; e il mezzo lo fissan giusto in quel punto dov’essi sono arrivati, e ci stanno comodi.“ The Betrothed

„V’ha detto che i doveri annessi al ministero fossero liberi da ogni ostacolo, immuni da ogni pericolo? O v’ha detto forse che dove cominciasse il pericolo, ivi cesserebbe il dovere? O non v’ha espressamente detto il contrario?“ The Betrothed

„Crime is a rigid, unbending master, against whom no one can be strong except by total rebellion“ The Betrothed

„Egli le rispose che il perdono non bastava a desiderarlo né chiederlo; ch’era una cosa troppo agevole e troppo naturale a chiunque sia trovato in colpa, e tema la punizione.“ The Betrothed

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